How to Ensure Your Teen’s Confidence Stays Intact Throughout Their High School Career

How to Ensure Your Teen's Confidence Stays Intact Throughout Their High School Career

The teen years are a time of self-discovery and experimentation. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when teens feel the most insecure about themselves, as their physical appearance is changing rapidly. They’re often getting conflicting messages from all corners about what they should look like or how they should behave. That has to stop now! In this post, we’ll discuss five ways you can help your teen maintain their confidence throughout high school so that it doesn’t crumble under pressure.

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#1 Provide positive reinforcements

Making positive reinforcements can go a long way toward building your teen’s confidence. The compliments don’t have to be related directly to their body or appearance in any way, but rather just being in general. Comments about how well they’re doing in school, sports, the arts, etc., are all great ways of keeping them feeling good about themselves and putting more focus on things other than their physical flaws. 

If you make specific comments regarding what you like about them every day for weeks/months, it will help ensure that teens develop higher self-esteem during high school years compared to those without this reinforcement from parents. It may take a while before there is a noticeable improvement, though! Be patient with yourself and your child as it takes time for this to work.

#2 Listen to them

One of the pillars for building self-esteem is to show someone that you care about them and what they have to say by actively listening. If your teen has a problem or something on their mind, make sure to take time out of your day every so often (weekly works well) where it’s just them and yourself sitting together in an area with minimal distractions. 

At the same time, you give 100% attention to whatever it is they want/need to talk about.  For example, if they feel that they need an invisalign to feel better about their teeth, it would be best if you heard them out and afterwards helped them to achieve just that. Not only will this help improve communication between each other, but if teens feel like parents are actually paying attention when talking, then it vastly improves how much they may begin looking up to that parent as someone who can be trusted & counted upon.

#3 Be an example

If teens see their parents modelling good behaviours & choices, then this will help them follow suit when trying to make decisions about their own bodies. High school can be a time where kids are more influenced by peer pressure because these are the people who have been around since elementary/middle school, so, therefore, they are the closest thing available as far as social circles go at that age range.

Another way of being an example is simply by being a presence in their lives. Be there for them when they need you, show up to every sporting event/musical recital/school play etc., and make an effort to give your teen the feeling that no matter what’s going on in life that you’ll be right by their side through it all! That unconditional support is something that can go a long way toward building self-confidence over time because teens will begin seeing how much you care about them and want nothing but success from each one of them.

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