Getting Your Landlord To Do Their Part

Getting Your Landlord To Do Their Part

If you’re renting a property, then you have responsibilities to be able to keep living there, including paying rent and doing what you can to keep the property in a good condition. However, your landlord also has responsibilities. Failing to know them can up in you being taken advantage of or simply not knowing when you can ask a landlord to fulfil an obligation. Here are a few times when you should have your landlord do their part.

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Providing the info that you need

Every tenant has a right to know who their landlord is, this includes their name and current contact details. Furthermore, some landlords may have to provide a how to rent guide that provides information on various aspects of the home, including how to use, clean, and maintain certain appliances and features. You can request one of these from your landlord if you are entitled to one and they have yet to provide it.

Keeping the home safe

Landlords have to provide safe housing. You can ask for proof of the standard of housing or for them to make certain checks if they don’t provide proof. This includes a gas safety check at least once every 12 months from a Gas Safe engineer, as well as checks that wiring and electrical appliances are safe and that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are provided on every floor of the property.

Making necessary repairs

As well as checks to make sure that it is safe, your landlord is also responsible for the vast majority of repairs in your home. They are responsible for plumbing, heating, electronics, and home boundary repairs. If they’re failing to repair the home, you can raise housing claims against them. In some cases, you may even be able to withhold rent in order to pay for the repairs until they can reimburse you, but you should only do that when legal advice tells you to.

Protecting your deposit

Your deposit is a financial security that the landlord takes to make sure that they can afford any repairs that you might make necessary if you fail in home upkeep or cause any damage. However, a landlord has to protect your deposit, they can’t spend it on their own needs, and you can demand proof that it is protected. Furthermore, you can demand proof of any expenses they draw from your deposit.

Allowing you to enjoy your home without disturbance

A landlord cannot make a visit to your home without 24 hours notice, nor can they visit for any reasons other than checking the state of the property and repairs. Furthermore, if they plan on making rent increases, they have to follow specific rent increase rules. If they try to go beyond them, you can challenge them on it.

Many landlords are willing and even proactive in making sure that they fulfil their responsibilities. However, for those that are not, you should make sure that you know your legal rights and take action when they are taking advantage.

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