The #Shelfie Trend: Making It Work In Your Home

The #Shelfie Trend: Making It Work In Your Home

Shelves have always been practical in the home, but right now, they’re more popular than ever. Shelves can be a fantastic space-saver, but they can also help you add to your room’s aesthetic. There are some excellent ways to up your shelf game, ready to make an impression in your home.

Explore the latest #Shelfie trends to find a suitable style for your home.


The #Shelfie Trend: Making It Work In Your Home

The ladder shelves

Ladder shelves are a fantastic bit of storage for your home. You can put them in the bathroom, the kitchen, and even that annoying corner at the top of your stairs! An ideal way to save space while making a wonderful style statement, it’s easy to see why ladder shelves are so popular. You can choose from narrow or wide shelves to help fit into your space. While they’re great for storing a range of household items, they also make a lovely decorative feature. Get inspiration for how to style your ladder shelf ready for your #Shelfie moment.

wooden shelves

The rustic shelves

A rustic shelf in the kitchen, your hallway or even your bedroom can add a classic touch to your home. Whether you need a bit of extra storage or you want to be able to display plants, ornaments, frames, etc., a rustic shelf is a classic option that looks great in both modern and more traditional homes. The great thing about rustic shelves is that you can easily make them yourself, giving you a custom look for an affordable price. A timber supplies specialist can supply you with the width and length you need, and then some sanding and some varnish can help you complete the look. Using brackets or floating shelf attachments to attach them to the wall, you’ll soon have some stylish rustic shelves in place to display your favourite things.

The decorative shelves

Another cool home trend that’s been growing lately is the decorative shelf. Available in various shapes and colours, including popular metallic shades, they make a great addition to many rooms. Use them to display small trinkets, plants, clocks and more to add some colour to your home and dress up your blank walls. You can find these types of shelves everywhere from Next to Primark, giving you a range of options for all budgets. Take a look at some circular shelf ideas to help you find some wonderful decor inspiration.

Using shelves in your home is a great way of dressing up a space and making it feel more like your own. With some shelves in place, you can key rooms more complete, like your kitchen. How you use them is completely up to you, but there are plenty of amazing ideas out there to help you find inspiration. Whether you go for the ladder shelf or put up some cool floating shelves, remember to share your #Shelfie on your social accounts and inspire others with your cool decor.

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