Five Natural Ways To Ease A Cold

Five Natural Ways To Ease A Cold


Cold and flu season is well and truly underway but what can you do to ease a cold without relying heavily on medication?  Let’s explore some more natural remedies to ease your symptoms.


1. A Natural Vapour Rub

natural vapour rub

As with anything I put on my skin, I always check the ingredients first.  Vapour rub is all too often petroleum-based, which isn’t something you ought to be putting on your skin.  This one is widely available in the UK, I got mine here from Amazon.  It’s full of good ingredients without the petroleum or the hydrogenated oil.  It uses the natural vapours of essential oils to clear congestion. Cooling peppermint & soothing eucalyptus relieve the stuffiness and congestion that comes with a stubborn cold.


2. Herbal Teas

Throat Comfort organic tea by Yogi teas

This tea is something I learned about from a friend who swears by it and she’s absolutely right to.  At the first tickle of a cough, this tea is wonderfully soothing for sore throats.  It contains wild cherry bark, which is where it’s delicious flavour comes from and helps create a protective slippery coating along the throat lining.  This tea is available from Ethical Superstore.  The more fluids you can drink, the better.


3. Take A Shower

take a shower to ease a cold

When you have a cold, you usually have an inflamed nasal passage and lining of the sinuses.  To ease this, you have to keep them clear.  Steam clears this, therefore a steam shower really helps.  Insignia Steam Showers sell wonderful steam showers that are amazing for both adults and children alike.  Remember to close the window in your bathroom and the door so it traps all the steam in.  The more steam, the better.


4. Chicken Soup

chicken soup for a cold

According to several studies, consuming chicken soup helps to eliminate colds because it helps clear nasal congestion as well as thin mucus so you can “cough it up” better.  It is also said to have a mild anti-inflammatory effect.  So, not only does it taste delicious, but it’s also comforting and easy to prepare.  You could even just eat some chicken broth or soup from your local shop.


5. Take Vitamins


Vitamin C is the main vitamin people think of when they have a cold.  Did you know, taking Vitamin C can reduce a cold by so much as 24 to 48 hours!  Echinacea is another great supplement to take.  It’s wonderful for helping to shorten the life of a cold.  Finally, Zinc has become a popular treatment for a cold.  It’s also said to cut the length of the duration of a cold.


I hope these suggestions help.  Remember to drink lots and rest too.

Thank you for reading.  You can read more of my health-related posts here.

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