My 1 Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge

1 Day Plastic Free Challenge

GlobalWAKEcup got in touch and asked me if I fancied having a 1-day single-use plastic free day.  Yes!  I definitely wanted to get on board with that.

Here’s what the challenge is about.

1 day plastic free challengeI’ve been doing Plastic Free July for the last three years, so I thought one day would be a complete breeze.  I smugly felt that it was my area of knowledge.  Here’s how my day went.

At Home

I started with my usual mug of chicory (I don’t have caffeine) and then went for a shower.  I the shower, I used my Beauty Kubes Shampoo and Conditioner cubes.

Beauty Kubes

I used my La-Eva wash that comes in a glass bottle to clean my body.  It has a plastic pump but I can reuse the bottle so it’s not single use.  It smells divine so it’s usually the one I reach for if I fancy a treat.

La-Eva wash

I dried my hair using my Aquis towel which means I didn’t need to use to my hair dryer – not that that is single use, but if I’m having a self-righteous day, I want to go the whole hog!  Granola from a cardboard box for breakfast.

The following day was MrLovely’s 40th birthday.  We buy bamboo toilet paper that comes individually wrapped in squares of paper.  We save this paper and use them as wrapping paper throughout the year.  They’re super cute and are in line with our ethics.  We rarely use dedicated gift wrapping paper.  We also use paper tape rather than plastic tape.  I also have WragWrap that I bought a year or so ago from LowToxBox which is reusable wrapping “paper”.  Also, when we buy gifts, we tend to keep them in the wrapping that they’re in, rather than re-wrap them.  Why wrap them twice, right?

ethical gift wrapping


I went out prepared.  I had a container to put the produce I was buying from the butchers, I had my organic cotton tote bags and organic cotton produce bags.  What more could I need?  Our first stop was to the butchers.  As we were buying MrLovely’s breakfast meat for the next day, it all went in the same tub.  We bought a cardboard tray of eggs too.

We’re super lucky to have had a zero waste shop open up in Chard and they sell a range of herbs, spices, white and brown rice and pasta and snacks all loose.  They also sell washing up liquids, cleaning products, shampoo, conditioners, body wash, etc, where you just take your own bottle and fill them up.  We bought some brown rice for dinner and some olive oil.

The Kind Weigh

This is where it started going wrong.  Being MrLovely’s 40th, I needed some birthday cards.  We have a small independent shop in our town and a few of them are sold without plastic but two of the ones I wanted were sold in plastic.  My first bit of single-use plastic of the day.  We then went on to Lidl because I needed pistachio nuts, lobsters and chillies.  I knew they sold pistachio nuts loose but the chillies and the lobsters were in plastic so more plastic there too.

zero waste shopping

In Conclusion

I learned a couple of years ago not to be offended when people look at you like you’re a total weirdo for taking your own containers places with you.  Also, it’s become a lot more of a thing since I first started doing it.  There are still things that are near on impossible to get without plastic, for example, cream and yoghurt.  We’re not vegan so we do eat those things occasionally.  All in all, I really enjoyed doing this challenge and I urge you all to have a go.  Check out the GlobalWakeCup website for more information.

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