How To Create A Beautiful Outdoor Haven In Time For Spring

How To Create A Beautiful Outdoor Haven In Time For Spring

You might be debating whether or not winter will ever end or not, and if you’ll ever want to venture outdoor again to enjoy some (very) fresh air. Well, fear not, spring is close, and although the weather might still be pretty chilly; the sun is making a longer appearance each day. You might be noticing a few flowers popping up here, there, and everywhere when you’re on the school run, or out and about. Therefore, you’re more than entitled to start getting excited about spring and all it brings to family life. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space at home; there’s no better time to start sprucing it up so that you and your family can enjoy it fully throughout the coming seasons.

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Grab your little ones, wrap up warm, and start spending more time in your garden. Start by tidying it and giving it some much needed TLC after winter has wreaked havoc. This will ensure that you have a beautiful haven to relax in for the months ahead. As long as it’s not pouring with rain; some time outside will do the whole family well and you’ll be improving the space in the meantime. The following are some tips for busy families who want to make the most of their garden so that when spring and summer do arrive; they have somewhere to enjoy their free time in the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine.

Mend, Repair And Spruce

It’s worth getting the bigger jobs out of the way so that you can concentrate on the smaller, decorative aspects of your garden as the weather improves further. Therefore, you’ll want to invest in any fencing panels, paving slabs, or new pots now. Get rid of the tired and broken versions as soon as possible. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can transform a garden space when you’ve cleared out the old, and added the new, so try and do those tasks as soon as possible. If the paint is chipped; wait for a dry weather day and start painting or staining your shed, fences, and benches to give them a new lease of life. Regarding fences, can cedar fencing be painted? Cracked flower pots need to go, so pop some new ones on your patio, and fill them with bulbs for some pops of spring colour. You can get the kids involved in picking up the debris, like fallen branches, leaves, and any plastic toys that were forgotten after last summer, and won’t make it to this summer.

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Add, Enrich And Enhance

Now that you’ve got a clear and tidy space to work with, you can begin getting some inspiration and thinking about what you want to add to the environment. Seating and plant pots are an excellent way to divide the space in a back garden, not to mention a way to enrich an empty patio or patch of grass. Fill those pots with flowers, or low maintenance shrubs, or perhaps some that the kids can nurture like fruit or veg; whatever will add shape, colour, and scent to your haven will always make a great addition. The rest is up to you; try and ensure that your little ones tidy their bikes, balls, and other toys away into the shed or garage, and keep on top of the plant maintenance, and you’ll have a beautiful outside haven to enjoy this spring, and into the future ahead.

Obviously, we’re expecting the beast from the east today, but we even managed to get our first grass cutting on the year yesterday! Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Gillian Wood

    Super article. Spring is my favorite season. I can’t wait. I love to see everything coming back to life.

  2. says: Hayley Atkins

    I love the spring bulbs tentatively poking their heads through the soil and crocuses and daffodils are my favourite. It has been a long,cold and miserable winter but now there is the hope of warmer and lighter days to come. I must admit that the garden didnt ‘get put to bed’last autumn ,meaning that I’ve got loads of tidying up to do before I can start planting and sowing. Well done for managing to get a first cut of the lawn!

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