Adding Unique Touches To Your Home: The Ideas To Consider

Adding Unique Touches To Your Home: The Ideas To Consider

When it comes to our homes, we want to ensure that we can do all that we can to make them unique and personal to us. Having your own place is a huge expense, there is no shying away from that fact. Whether you rent or buy your home it is a big outlay to have, and so it’s understandable that you take pride in your home and present it in the best possible way. But the problem so many have is the direction in which to take and what to do to their properties. Whether it is one room you are looking for inspiration for or your whole home, here are some of the ideas to consider to help you add unique touches to your place.

Think about adding a theme into your home

One of the first things you could consider would be to add a theme to your home. This could be done in a number of different ways and depends on your taste and budget as too how far you take it. Here are some of the options and ideas to help you get started and feel inspired.


Hygge is the Danish way of living and is a lifestyle that so many embrace, but it can also be extended into the style of your home. This sort of theme favours comfort and ambience, so think about low lighting, blankets, soft furnishings and warm colour tones to help you recreate it. The idea would be to feel comfortable and at ease in the room, so candles, lots of blankets and cushions and even making a feature of a fireplace could be good areas to start with.

Cultural influences

Maybe you want to think about cultural influences when it comes to the decor of your home. Perhaps liking the idea of Swedish minimalism and themes when it comes to furniture and style, or favouring more authentic furnishings in warm colour tones for a Spanish or European sort of look. In different countries, there are leading styles, colours and options to consider, and this is when platforms like Instagram or Pinterest are worth looking at.

Colour schemes

It could be you want to think about changing the colour schemes in your home. Many people move into the property and find that it has been decorated not to their taste, and colour is one of the ideal ways to inject your personality into your home. From having feature walls of your favourite colours to being adventurous with colour in other areas such as furniture and soft furnishings.


Sometimes the more personality you inject can come from your own two hands, and making things for your home can give you a sense of pride and achievement. It might be that you like the idea of upcycling furniture, reupholstering chairs and looking online here for foam to give these pieces of furniture a new lease of life. It could be that you like the idea of painting old furniture, adding soft furnishings you have created such as curtains or cushions or even making your own artwork to display. The more hands-on you get, the more homemade your home becomes.


Making big investments

Sometimes you will have big ambitions for your home, and this is where you want to make big investments. Here are some of the areas where you can make a big impact in this area.

The kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the hub of the home, and with changes that you want to make to it, you will find that replacing the kitchen or doing any bigger jobs will be quite costly. However, a new kitchen can add considerable value to the property overall, so it is definitely something to consider. A modern kitchen, a country style, or adding new materials and being adventurous with the layout could all work in your favour.

The bathroom

The bathroom is also a room that can add considerable value once replaced and completed, but initially, it can take time, effort and a chunk of your budget to make it happen. A new bathroom suite could consider simply of a bath and shower combination, toilet and sink. Or you may have the space to incorporate separate showers, corner baths and large vanities. There is so much you could do in the bathroom, even if it can be considered one of the smallest rooms in your home.


If you want to add a lot of value to your property, then an extension could be the way to do it. It will enable you to add to the floor space and square footage of your home, make the property more user-friendly to your needs and your family, and could add a considerable amount of value to boot. It also is unique to you, as you get the chance to plan to extension and design of the layout.

Loft and basement conversions

Many homes already have lofts and in some cases, there are basements as well. These can easily be transformed from vacant spaces into rooms that can be used as part of the home. Basements work well being converted into snugs and family rooms, and lofts can easily be created to make another bedroom or two. All of which add to the value of the home.

colour charts

Making smaller changes for a big impact

Finally, there can be smaller changes that are easier on the purse that can make to your home that can still have a huge impact in terms of looks and adding that unique touch you have been wanting. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

A lick of paint

We have already looked at colour schemes and how they can enable you to add personality to your home, but this is where changing the colour and painting your home can give you just the impact you are hoping to create. It doesn’t need to stop there either. Painting things like internal doors, kitchen cupboard doors or wardrobes that are fitted can also help you to make small changes that will have a big impact on how those rooms look and feel.

Changing small elements

Just as you could paint certain elements of your home as well as the walls, you could also replace them to help make a home or room feel like a huge change has been made, when very little has been done. Replacing cupboard doors in a kitchen, adding new doors on to fitted elements like wardrobes or storage, changing light fittings to suit your tastes and even investing in the flooring. All of which can add the personality and unique touch you are hoping for without the huge outlay of money.

More light

Light can be a huge factor in your home, and making sure you get as much natural light into your home can help it feel different. It could be a simple as getting rid of old blinds, investing in shutters or changing the windows so that more light is able to get in could be the dramatic change you are hoping to create.

Declutter and deep clean

Lastly, the simplest and least expensive of them all could be de-cluttering your house of unwanted things, changing a few things around and giving your home a deep clean. We can often dust over it and forget that certain aspects of our home need a thorough cleaning every now and again. Minimising your home could help you to create more space and enable rooms to feel larger and more user-friendly.

Let’s hope this has given you some ideas to consider trying in the future.

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