6 Design Ideas for a Trendy and Modern Bedroom

Sometimes, the bedroom is the last place we think about when we consider decorating our home. The decor choices often start in the living room, then the kitchen, followed by the bathrooms and dining rooms. By the time we get to the bedrooms, there’s often nothing left. Fortunately, there are some quick and effective ways to design a modern bedroom without the stress.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a beautiful way to modernize your bedroom. These floors come in multiple shades of wood, so they’re very easy to match to the design of the room. Also, these floors are extremely durable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Hardwood floors are easy on the feet as well. They offer a softer surface than tile would and they don’t compact like carpet does.

Another overlooked feature of hardwood floors is the ease of cleaning. To clean hardwood floors you just need some water and vinegar. Hardwood floors are a wonderful option since they don’t store any harmful allergens or dirt. Carpeting is much more susceptible to containing allergens or debris since they have a lot of tiny crevices and is a more challenging floor to clean.

hardwood floor


Rugs can help shape a room and make it much more decorative and cosy. They’re very versatile and available in a wide selection of incredible patterns as well. They’re also easy to swap out as you find your design tastes changing. When adding a rug to your bedroom you should first consider which area of the room you’ll be using the most. The common answer is generally the bed.

Putting an area rug under the bed may sound contradictory. However, this rug will serve dual purposes. It will keep the bed from scuffing the floors as it moves and it will become a focal point of the room. When considering an area rug, make sure that it extends at least eighteen inches over the sides of the bed so you have a nice and soft place to stand when you get out of bed.


Lighting is one of the more complicated art forms for interior design. When searching for lighting, you want to consider the style of your bedroom as well as your needs. Your ideal lighting should be effective and decorative but not overpowering that it hurts your eyes.

Lighting falls into one of three categories: ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting allows us to see what we’re doing, such as making the bed. Task lighting is designed for a specific purpose, such as reading. Accent lighting highlights unique features in the room, such as a piece of artwork. Combining all of these types of lighting will create a modern and cosy feel for your room.

Another thing to consider when searching for light fixtures is the colour of the lighting in your room. Blue and white lights may make it more difficult for you sleep at night. Warmer colours, such as red and yellow, don’t have this adverse effect. When adding a modern twist to your bedroom, take the lighting colours into consideration for the sake of your sleep.

Wood Shelving and Other Furniture

One of the important things that can make a room seem large or small is the furniture. If the furniture is too big, it crowds the room. If the furniture is too small, it comes off with a Spartan feel. With just the right mix of furniture and accent décor, the room will feel comfortable.

It’s vital not to overcrowd any room, whether it’s furniture or personal items. Personal items need their own space though to be displayed in the room. Shelves, such as a nice accent wood, can display personal decor items that would otherwise be left in boxes. Shelving will give your bedroom a modern feel without cluttering the living space.

If you’re going for a modern look, it’s best to match the furniture. Since we’re talking about wood shelves and hardwood floors, adding in wood furniture such as dressers and a nightstand really adds more cohesion and symmetry to your room. As a bonus, this furniture will keep your room organized as well.


The focus of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. Who doesn’t love crawling into a mound of bedding? Between the quilts, coverlets and comforters there’s no reason a bed shouldn’t be appealing as well as comfortable. What works on your bed is based on your personality and the style of your room.

Comforters and quilts are both intended to keep you warm while in bed. Comforters are usually one fabric that’s sewn and stuffed. Quilts, on the other hand, are typically many different fabrics sewn together. Both tend to end up buried under one another though, so rather than worry about colour coordinating them, you should make sure the quilt and comforter are cosy enough to ensure you have a good sleep.

Coverlets go on top of the bed, over all the covers. They are a modernized form of bedspreads, which historically reach the floor. Coverlets are not designed to supply more warmth. Instead, housetipster suggests to use coverlets to add decoration to the bed and keep the covers clean. Adding a coverlet to your bed can really put a polished and more modern look on a room.

Closet Organization


One of the biggest parts of designing a bedroom is the closet. It’s often filled to capacity with clothing and shoes. It’s wise to go through your closet and determine which clothing you wear on a daily basis and which clothing isn’t necessary or should be stored in another closet based on the weather. By removing old clothing from your closet you can make it much more spacious and organized.

The first step to achieving a more appealing closet is to sort through your old clothing and determine which articles of clothing you’re keeping and which you’re donating. Clothing that you haven’t worn in years, apart from sentimental pieces, should be donated. Once you’ve sorted through your clothing it’s time to organize your closet. Separate seasonal clothing and store them separately from the general wardrobe. It’s amazing how much space winter sweaters can take up. By organizing these items and eliminating clothing you haven’t worn in years, you’ll be reclaiming your closet. Even a little bit of extra space in your closet can make your bedroom seem much larger. Also, you’ll love no longer having to spend hours looking for a particular shirt since your clothes will be organized.

A modern and trendy bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming project. Instead, it just takes a little work and some careful selections for you to achieve a gorgeous and inviting bedroom. You’ll notice a big difference in the look and feel of your bedroom by making some small design changes.

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