Addressing Your Unhappiness At Work

Addressing Your Unhappiness At Work

Being unhappy at work can feel stifling. It’s difficult to muster the energy and motivation to get up and go to a job where you’re desperately unhappy. If you often find that you complain about your job or feel dissatisfied with what you’re doing, then making a change is important.

There are different things you can do to address your unhappiness in work and turn things around so that you find the job satisfaction you need. From changing your career to taking on new challenges, take a look at the following tips for finding happiness in your career so that you can look forward to a brighter future.

Work out what’s making you unhappy

Unhappiness at work can be as a result of many things. You could have difficulties with your boss or work colleagues, unhappiness with your location or commute, feeling dissatisfied with what you’re doing or simply not enjoying the career you’re in. Being unhappy in a job can happen at any time, but it’s important that you work out the factors behind it to help you move forward.

If it helps, make a list of the pros and cons to help you find out what you like (if anything) about what you do and where you work, as well as the negatives that are causing you to feel unhappy. Rather than just making the decision to quit straight away, stop and consider all of the reasons why you shouldn’t quit your job first to help you take some more time to figure out your situation.

Consider moving to another company


A change of scene could do you good, and help you address many of the issues you might be facing at work. A move to a new company could signal a fresh start, a promotion, or even the chance to work on some exciting new things with people who are passionate and enthusiastic.

People don’t stay with companies and organisations for their whole working lives like they used to. Now, it’s common to move around and gain experience with lots of different companies to enjoy some variety as well as stop the boredom setting in. Looking at a list of top employers can help you identify some good places to work that might prove a big change compared to where you are now.

Address a toxic atmosphere

Are work colleagues getting you down? Is there a negative vibe that’s affecting how you feel about your job? If so, it might be time to break through that negative atmosphere and try to come to a resolution. You could have open and honest conversations to address any underlying tensions, or even deal directly with a difficult work colleague. If all else fails, it’s worth taking the issue to HR or to your boss to help agree on a solution for moving forward and restoring morale to the workplace.

Do what you need to do to get a promotion

Setting yourself some career goals can help you find some motivation and passion for your role, and stop you from being stuck where you are. A long period doing the same job can lead to dissatisfaction, and leave you feeling unchallenged. Work hard to stand out and show off your skills to help you get the experience you need to move up.

Undertaking some further study can be another way of working towards a promotion. Whether you choose to undertake a course funded by your company or self-fund your further education, it looks great on your CV that you’re working towards boosting your skills. An online BS healthcare administration degree could be a vital asset to your CV, and can make a nice change from the day to day work that you’re used to doing. Part-time or distance learning can be an excellent way to fit in studying around your job and help you fund your course too.

Ask for a pay rise

Money can’t buy happiness, and while more money won’t necessarily make you happy in your job – it could help you feel more valued and fairly compensated for your hard work. But instead of just rushing in and demanding a pay rise, you need to state your case carefully. Getting a pay rise will require a frank conversation with your boss, but it’s worth doing if you feel you should be earning more. A pay rise is often a reflection of your skills and responsibilities, so this could also be a good time to consider trying for a promotion to help you take a further step up.

Take on new challenges and responsibilities

Do you feel challenged at work? Being able to do your job with your eyes shut could be a sign of boredom, rather than complete dissatisfaction with your career. Have discussions with your manager about wanting to take on new challenges or roles, and make sure you state your ambitions for your future development. Getting experience in areas like project management can give you some valuable skills that will benefit your career as well as give you some new challenges to make your job interesting again.

Look at the bright side

It’s easy to grumble about your job – don’t we all do it? But the grass isn’t always greener, and there might be some better elements to your job that you hadn’t realised. At the very least, why not make a list of the things you enjoy and do well as a way to help you bring some focus to your career. Trying to find the positive side of things could change your outlook on your job and help you realise that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Not everyone loves their job, but if there’s something that you can do to change that, then you should. We spend a large proportion of our lives working, so it’s better to spend time something that you enjoy doing than hating it and wishing the hours away. Address what’s making you unhappy at work and vow to turn things around.

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