Why Allergies Shouldn’t Stop You Owning A Dog

Why Allergies Shouldn't Stop You Owning A Dog

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If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m crazy about my dog.  She is my one true love and I am thankful for her every single day.  I don’t know how people manage without a dog.  Bubba Gump is my assistance dog so she is extra special.  They really are a perfect addition to your life.

If you’ve had a hankering for a puppy for years but your sneezing fits, wheezing, and hives have prevented you from taking the plunge in the past, it’s time to think again. Just because you are more sensitive to dander, pollen and dust don’t mean you can’t enjoy the joys of pet ownership, you simply have to be a bit more organized if you choose to get a dog. You mutt will be your friend for life and a worthwhile addition to your family. You won’t have to put up with a life of streaming eyes and a stuffy nose. Take a look at these easy ways to keep your allergy symptoms at bay.


Forget The Fabric

If your home is a homage to soft furnishings, throws, cushions, and drapery, it might be time to get rid of them. The fibres on these materials trap the dander that is present on your hound. Instead, fit some blinds to your windows and go for wooden floorboards or laminate flooring in your living room. This means it will be much easier for you to hoover up any dog hair, dust, and pollen that might be lingering within your four walls. Upstairs should remain a pet free area and can be carpeted. This way, if you do find that your allergy symptoms are becoming a nuisance, you can retreat to the sanctuary of your dander free bedroom.

Air Purifier

Even if you don’t have a pet or don’t suffer from allergies, an air purifier is a great addition to any home. By removing allergens from the air, they can create a more pleasant space for those individuals who are more sensitive to their immediate environment. Sites like A Fresher Home review an astronomical range of air purifiers meaning that you can find one that works effectively, that is affordable, and that looks good in your home.


It’s vital that you wash your canine pal regularly. All dogs love the outdoors and given half the chance will spend their days playing fetch, catching some rays in the backyard or heading out for their walkies. Along the way, they pick up pollen and dust. It’s vital that you use hypoallergenic doggy shampoos to not only help you and your allergies but also to maintain the glossiness of your mutt’s coat.

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Choose The Right Hound

There’s no point getting a dog that sheds his fur at every given opportunity all over the house. While it’s not their fault, these breeds will not be the most appropriate dog for you. Choose a bichon frise, a Yorkshire terrier or a poodle. These dogs are great fun and perfect pets as well as non-shedding making it a lot less likely that you’ll be sneezing as you feed your mutt his favourite kibble.

The key aspect of having a dog if you have an allergy is actively removing the allergens from your home environment. By following this advice, you will be able to manage your allergy symptoms more effectively and bask in the euphoria of owning a dog.

Thanks for reading.  You can read more of my animal related posts here.

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