Getting Your Fifty Shades On – *Adult Post

Getting Your Fifty Shades On - How To Be Good In Bed

With less than a week to go until the new Fifty Shades movie is released and less than two weeks until Valentine’s Day is upon us, it’s never been a better time to get your kinky on.

I’ve found that an awful lot of people are really quite shy in the bedroom.  When I asked someone recently what they liked in bed, their reply was that they didn’t really know.  How can you have had children, been married and have had several different sexual partners but still not know what you like in bed?  Another couple that I know only ever have sex in the horizontal bop in one position (doggy style) and in the same place and even then, it is an extremely rare occurrence.

This leads me to question what really goes on behind closed doors.  Are there hundreds of people out there having crap sex because they’re too shy to talk about what they like?  Feeling too exposed and self-conscious to suggest new things to try?  How can this be changed?  Orgasms are a pleasure.  We should be having more of them, surely?

Another subject people rarely talk about is anal play.  There’s a lot of fun to be had there.  If you worry about finding it uncomfortable, the key is to be relaxed about it and get into a good position.  You could even try using an anal numbing gel.  Always make sure, if you’re going to use a toy up there, to choose one with a flared base.  You don’t want to have to go to the hospital to have an object removed!

How To Be Good

I think the most important thing is communication.  Yes vocally, but also be attentive and pay attention to the non-verbal signs that your partner is giving off.  I’m not suggesting you start behaving like a satnav, “Take the next left at the right labia”.  Also, don’t get hung up on what you look like or what angle is the most flattering.  If you’re at the sex stage, the person you’re being intimate with thinks you’re hot.  Confidence is fantastic in the boudoir.  Most importantly though, I think the key to having a good sex life is to have fun and not take it too seriously.  It’s just sex.  Your life doesn’t depend on each coital partnering.

I really think exploring toys together is a great way to make your sex life fun.  I’ve been looking at getting an autoblow because I think they look like a lot of fun.  Another place to look for something for your man is as they have a selection of masturbator toys.  Your man can use it whilst you’re using your toy or he can use it alone.

I’m going to share with you some pleasing new discoveries that I have made that would be a brilliant addition to any bedroom (or lounge, or kitchen table, or wherever you feel you want to get your freak on), whether with your long-term partner or out for a date to remember with one of the beautiful escorts London. Fifty Shades is nothing like real life BDSM, just so’s you know…


ready for sex


The Fun Factory

The toys from the Fun Factory were packaged in a discreet parcel.  The boxes that the toys came in were gorgeous.  Sleek gold boxes with an outer sleeve.


Cayona vibrator

Cayona specs

Blooming pleasure with Cayona.  This is a versatile vibrator that comes in a range of three colours.  Its floral shape is not only aesthetic but designed to have two points of contact – one on your G-spot and one on your clitoris.  The Cayona boasts 6 speeds and 6 vibration patterns.  It feels lovely to hold, both firm but also flexible.

I love the fact that it’s rechargeable.  Far better for the environment and also your wallet (also means no more pinching the batteries from the TV remote).

One thing I will note is the “fun” button is on the handle which, when you’re in the throes of passion, can mean you end up switching it off by mistake.

Overall, this is an excellent vibrator and I’d highly recommend it.  You can purchase yours from here.




Layla II sex toyIf I had to be faithful to only one toy for the rest of my life, I think I’d choose this one.  My words will never be enough to flourish this toy with the praise it deserves so I’d highly recommend you buy yourself one.  I feel like the Layla II is the Ferrari of the clit stimulator World.  This is an upgraded black edition of their best selling toy.  It’s versatile as you can use it for far more than just as a clit stimulator (on the shaft during a blowjob, cupping the balls or during massage).  Its ergonomic design allows it to fit beautifully between two bodies.  The Layla II is rechargeable and boasts 4 speeds with 6 different patterns, even more powerful than its predecessor!

The one thing I would say is that I wouldn’t leave the charger plugged in because it’s magnetic and can accidentally latch on to anything metal.

If you want to go from 0 to oooh in less than five minutes, this needs to be your weapon of choice.


Je Joue

I’ve never had any experience with the Je Joue brand products before.  The first thing I noticed was the quality of the packaging.  The outer packaging was very discreet and didn’t give any indication as to the contents.  The box each toy was packaged in was very high quality and luxurious.

Je Joue packaging

Je Joue: a sex-positive brand

Je Joue is and has always been a sex-positive brand: the sex-positive movement is a social and philosophical movement that promotes sexuality and sexual expression, with focus on safe sex and mutual consent. They believe that sex is great, therefore They have developed products for women, men and couples so everyone can have fun and infinite possibilities of enjoying pleasure.

This was the theme of the Christmas campaign last year: you can find more about the A to Z of sex-positive on their YouTube channel, Je Joue UK in this video:

Je Joue’s signature: low-frequency motors

This is the technical explanation as to how they have made these fantastic toys.

All the vibrators in our catalogue work with our unique low-frequency motors, providing more contact with the skin and powerful rumbling vibrations that give deeper sensations and therefore richer orgasms deeper within the body. In a nutshell, these vibrators use a motor which can work at multiple speeds without compromising in pleasure. The experience will be different for everyone due to factors such as users age, the age of the toy and even the position.   That´s why we claim that with Je Joue you will get “Deeper, Richer Sensations”

Rabbit Bullet With Intense Vibrating Ears

rabbit bullet

The soft and flexible ears move around your body to wherever you want them to. Hug that clitoris with the ears and use the base of the ears for intense vibrations!

je joue rabbit details

This rabbit does a great job of stimulating a large portion of the 8000 nerve endings on the clitoris.  The charging port of well concealed (I once had a rabbit bullet from a well known high street shop that almost set my house on fire because of their dodgy charging design).  You can purchase yourself a rabbit bullet from here.


Mio cock rinng

If you’d prefer a toy that you can use as a couple, Je Joue also have a product called Mio.  Mio’s motor, like with the rabbit, is designed to a low frequency to give the signature Je Joue oh-so-low rumbling vibrations. With 5 speeds and 7 patterns, Mio offers a wide range of vibrations – from a gentle purr to a deep rumble.

cock ring specifications

On the Je Joue website, there are different options on how you can use the vibrating cock ring.  I thought this was really interesting because I’ve never heard of a cock ring being used in their more advanced instructions.  I’ll certainly be giving that a go though!

cock ring instructions

 There is such a massive arrange of toys and instruments available for sex play that I’d suggest you and your partner just have a really open chat about what each of you fancies trying.  Don’t be afraid to open up.  If you like to be choked, that’s okay.  If you like anal sex, say so.  The World can be your oyster in the bedroom if you just trust each other.  If you don’t have trust, perhaps don’t drop your drawers.  Also remember, Fifty Shades romanticises the woman being super submissive, why not try the other way?

Hope this little helps.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

*I received these toys for my honest review.  It doesn’t affect my opinions.

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