Miswak Sticks – Naturally Whitens Teeth

At the tail end of last year, I bought these little cleaning twigs things.  Miswak sticks.  They’re rich in silica, fluorine and antibacterial and antibiotic fighting compounds.  They reduce plaque, fight and prevent tooth decay, improve oral hygiene and bad breath.  They’re even good for your digestion and are backed by professional dentists in the UK (mine said they were great!).

Studies have suggested that using one of these little twiggy beasts is better is more productive than using a toothbrush and toothpaste (I still use a toothbrush and my tooth powder every day in addition to this).  You can read more about the brilliance of the mighty miswak on wikipedia.

My nine-year-old son had rather manky teeth because he’s pretty rubbish at brushing them as efficiently as I would like.  After using one of these, his pegs are, once again, white.  Yes!  They’re rather quite addictive and my children love them, so it’s something for them to do whilst they’re reading/watching tv/playing minecraft/doingsomethingelseidontunderstand.  They’re so handy because you don’t need anything else.  No water, nothing.  You literally just use the twig.

I’ve also found them pretty good to stop my snacking in the evenings because they provide something fiddly to do for those of us for are orally fixated.  My friends have all started using them now.  Seem to have started a little Miswak trend is Somerset.

I bought mine from here on Amazon because I love to see the reviews before buying things.  These ones are organic, preservative free and fair trade.  They come in recyclable packaging (which I like, but that’s a whole other story!).

Here’s a little video about them.  Even dogs like them!  I genuinely use them to clean my dog’s teeth too.  Not the same stick.  She has her own stick.  I love Gump, but there are limits.

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