Antioxidants: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

Antioxidants: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

Antioxidants are often mentioned in discussions about healthy living. Most of us have heard of them and know that they’re good, but what actually are they? The term antioxidant covers a lot of things that you probably do know about like vitamins C and E. There are all sorts of different antioxidants and they’ve been found to have a positive impact on lots of different areas of your health. These are just some of the incredible benefits of antioxidants and some of the best places to find them.

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Skin Health

If you want to keep your skin healthy and slow down the ageing process then a good routine and the right products are important. But you can give your skin a helping hand if you increase your intake of antioxidants. The effects of sunlight exposure are lessened if you’ve got a lot of antioxidants in your blood which means you’re less likely to get redness and wrinkles from the sun and you can even reduce your chances of getting skin cancer in later life. That doesn’t mean you can stop wearing sunscreen though, you still need to take the necessary steps to protect your skin when you’re out in the sun.

Brain Function

Some antioxidants, particularly vitamins C and E have been linked to improved brain function. That means you’ll actually get smarter if you’re eating healthier foods. Studies also show that people with high levels of vitamins C and E are far less likely to develop conditions like dementia in later life. Visit for more information on the experiments.

Eye Health

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Losing your eyesight is fairly common as you get older but your intake of antioxidants could help you to avoid it, or at least keep your eyes healthy for longer. Macular degeneration is the most common cause of eyesight loss in people over the age of 65. Studies show that people with high levels of antioxidants in their blood may have a reduced risk of developing the problem.    

Where To Get Them

Food is the best place to get antioxidants. You can take supplements and you’ll see some of the benefits but the research suggests that natural antioxidants are far more effective. One of the best sources out there is Matcha tea (which you can find in powder form at because it has far higher levels of antioxidants than any other foodstuff you’ll find. Drinking just one or two cups a day can have huge health benefits but it’s good for you so you can have as many as you like really.

Another way to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients is to take something like a Proplant Complete Shake. There are many options if you want to have a meal replacement.

As well as Matcha tea, you can get antioxidants from all sorts of foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your main source but things like nuts and even dark chocolate contain high levels. As a general rule, any food that is high in vitamins and nutrients is likely to have a good level of antioxidants in there so get rid of that processed junk food and stock up on healthy, fresh ingredients.

Now you know what antioxidants are and why you should care, so get out there and increase your intake!

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