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My Life In Year 7 So Far

My life at secondary school so far has been a bumpy ride I have had my ups and downs in year 7. I have 2 or 3 weeks left of year 7 and it has been the most dramatic year ever! The hardest time of year 7 was in the middle of it, my life felt like it was falling apart and having no friends to help me through it I am still given nasty glances from some people, but the highest point was definitely making the right friends. I see and hang out with my friends every day and lunch but its kind of hard because they are all in a different band to me.


For some reason, the youngest students in my school get the most homework. We use a Knowledge Organiser for our homework. On the front, it tells us which homework to do whether we do spellings or not or show my homework quizzes which is when your head of homework for your year puts on quizzes on what you know. If we don’t do or forget to do our spellings or knowledge Organiser homework you are sent to a support session where you do your homework you don’t do, you go there during lunch.

My Lessons

You have 6 lessons a day including tutor time for 20 minutes. Each lesson is an hour long except tutor time obviously break is 25 minutes long and lunch is an hour, these time apply for every day except Wednesdays when you have PHSE with different teachers that are tutors for your year. On Wednesdays, each lesson and break and lunch is 5  minutes shorter to fit in PHSE for 40.

My Favorite Lessons

My favorite lessons are art, music, history, tech, and geography. The reasons these are my favorite lessons is because well I don’t know I just really enjoy them. I find them the most fun. They are the type of lessons that make me want to go home and learn more about and practice more things about it.

From the beginning of year 7 to nearly the end of year 7 has been completely different, I definitely prefer the end of year 7. Finding the correct friends definitely makes life easier. I adore my friends they are and will always be a huge part of my life. My friends and I are very close and we all trust each other hugely.

I’ll update you again soon. Bye.

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