The 404040 Plan With Niki Wibrow

The 404040 Plan With Niki Wibrow

As you get older, your metabolism slows down and at around 40 your body’s natural decline in muscle mass starts happening.  A way to combat this is to follow a healthy eating plan and by strength training and working out.  Niki understands this which is why she created the 404040 Plan.  40 exercises and 40 recipes for 40 days with ladies in their 40s and 50s in mind.  At 38, I thought this was pretty perfect for me and I was right.  In the last 40 days, I’ve lost half a stone.

About Niki

Niki Wibrow

Niki has over 30 years experience in the health and fitness industry and has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.  As a busy mum of a five-year-old, she is something of a wonder woman at managing to run a successful business and all that comes with it, along with keeping in shape and cooking an array of healthy dishes for her family to enjoy.

My big passions are Fitness, Yoga And Dance. I don’t believe in Faddy Diets, Gimmicks Or Jargon. I specialise in the making a difference to the 40 plus market. And truly love what I do.


The Plan

Once you’ve signed up to the plan, you get a welcome email.  In that email, Niki tells you details of the food plan and the exercises.  You can join a secret Facebook group for support and chat with other like-minded people.


The 404040 Exercise Plan

404040 exercises

An Exercise plan is sent to you in the form of video links.  You receive 4 warm-ups, 4 Core Routines and 4 Cool Downs to follow four times a week.

Monday Warm Up 1 – Routine 1 – Cool Down 1
Wednesday Warm Up 2 – Routine 2 – Cool Down 2
Friday Warm Up 3 – Routine 3 – Cool Down 3
Saturday Warm Up 4 – Routine 4 – Cool Down 4

It’s recommended that you use the days when you’re not exercising you allow your body to recovery ready for the next day’s workout.


The 404040 Recipes

404040 recipes

Niki has created an e-book of a variety of 40 different recipes that are family friendly and easy to make.  Nutritionally balanced and healthy, the meals are designed to keep you fuller for longer and make sure you’re nourished and have plenty of energy to get through each day.  You also receive a bonus Pick N Choose menu where you can swap ingredients to suit your tastes.


The plan is for everyone.  Although it is designed for people over the age of 40, the exercise plan and food plan is great for anyone of age gender and any age.  I’d recommend it.  Niki is gorgeous, bubbly and chatty which makes her the perfect motivator.  Why not get in touch with Niki and start your plan today.

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