How Some People Are “Greening” Their Rubbish

How Some People Are "Greening" Their Rubbish

How Some People Are “Greening” Their Rubbish

If you’re concerned about the environment, you probably already do a lot of things to keep the planet healthy and sustainable. Perhaps you drive an electric car, avoid eating meat, or cycle to work. 

It turns out, though, that your rubbish could be the thing that is undermining your efforts the most. Like it or not, most waste isn’t good for the environment. 

Now, though, some people are “greening” their rubbish. In other words, they’re finding ways to make it more sustainable, without wrecking their quality of life

But just what are they doing, exactly? 

They’re Researching Recycling Options

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Recycling is a great innovation that allows us to reuse our waste instead of just throwing it in a hole in the ground. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to use local recycling services correctly. What’s more, not all materials can be recycled safely. 

That’s leading to a radically new breed of consumer who will only buy products that they can dispose of sustainably. 

Take plastic packaging that food companies use. It turns out that there are many different types of plastic. Some are readily recyclable with a minimum of fuss. Others, however, are much harder to convert into reusable materials, and some are impossible. 

It is worth checking, therefore, whether your local recycling centre will accept the specific types of plastic that you buy. If it doesn’t, then you may need to reconsider the products that you buy from the store. 

They’re Reusing Everything

Greening your rubbish isn’t just about what you chuck out – it’s also about what you don’t. 

There is now an entire class of people who try to reuse everything instead of just discarding it after every use.

So, for instance, these guys will buy a plastic container for their cereal once and use scoops in-store to fill it up, thereby avoiding the packaging altogether. Others will make use of plastic bottles over and over again, filling them up with mains water instead of insisting on mineral every time. 

They’re Using Better Removal Companies

Some rubbish removal companies are better than others. While all of them will get rid of your rubbish for you, some might not do so sustainably. For that reason, we’ve seen an explosion of residents and commercial enterprises demanding more sustainable services from their waste removal services. 

They’re Spreading The Word About The Rubbish Greening Movement

The environment will only improve if everyone decides to work together to solve the problems that we face collectively. Keen rubbish greeners, therefore, are working hard to get information out to people about how to make their waste more sustainable. Some of their communications promote the obvious – such as recycling as much as possible. But there will be some aspects of greening rubbish that most people wouldn’t figure out by themselves, such as the plastic example we discussed above. 

They’re Segregating Their Rubbish

Waste disposal services are good, but they’re not perfect. Just like regular homeowners, they will sometimes miss opportunities to recycle and reuse.

Eco-conscious homeowners, therefore, are now diligently segregating their rubbish into different containers – food, plastics, cardboard, paper, metal, and general waste that cannot be recycled. They’re then labelling all these containers to make it easy for operatives to process them. 

They’re Composing 

Composting is the process of taking waste food products and garden trimmings and putting them in a big container to rot down. Over the course of a couple of months, worms, bacteria, and mould will break down biological matter and produce rich peat. You can then use this soil to grow new plants in the garden, completing the circle of life. 


Food scraps are a significant source of household waste – around 24 percent of the total volume created by the country in any given year. It is, therefore, a massive burden on landfills, taking up space that could be used for other items.

The need to compost, therefore, is becoming increasingly important. Households need to find ways to use their food waste to create fresh compost for use both domestically and commercially. 

Starting a compost heap is actually easier than you might think. Ideally, you’ll get a worm bin – a big plastic tub that protects worms from predators and makes it easier for them to break the food down. You can then use the soil yourself or sell it to your friends. 

In summary, greening your trash is becoming increasingly important for the environment and the planet. Lots of people are doing it, and it’s easy to join them. Just follow the tips above.

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