Chia Seeds – Not Much Can Supercede The Super Seed

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I’ve been hearing about chia seeds for a couple of years.  They are reported to be a complete super seed and have lots and lots of health benefits.  They haven’t ever made an impact on me until now.  I’m not sure if this is because I hadn’t tried them or if I’d tried them in an unremarkable manner.  Whilst I was out getting the ingredients for dinner yesterday, I picked up some Chia seed shots because they were on offer and I thought they looked cute in their single shot servings.  Whilst we were going about our day, caring for the animals at the farm, tending and planting seeds at the allotment, walking the dogs and visiting family, I kept taking little swigs of the tubes of seeds.  Ooof!  I love them!  They’re delicious and are really satisfying to crunch.  Then they go all jellied and globby in your mouth.  Then they stick to your teeth.  I know I’m probably not selling them to you, by describing them in this manner but serious, they’re very addictive and delicious!!

How Do You Eat Them?

Recently, a close friend of mine kept sharing strange pictures of her meals, of which were constantly covered in chia seeds.  She has them on everything!  Pizza, salad, cereal.  It seems very odd.  I’ve had some in my cupboard for quitechia seed pudding a life of lovely some time, intending to make something with them, but hadn’t ever got around to doing anything with them.

Yesterday evening, I made a sort of pudding with them, using unsweetened almond milk and raspberries.  I tasted it this afternoon.  It’s not a winner.  I plan to try out many other ways of eating them, but it’ll need some research.  For now, I’m quite happy just noshing them down raw.

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