National Pet Month

My labradoodle assistance dog, Bubba Gump, is one of the most important beings in my life!  I always love a reason to talk or write about Gump and April being National Pet Month in the UK is the perfect excuse!  Another reason to express my love and gratitude to her.

The purpose of National Pet Week is as follows:

? To highlight the benefits of pet ownership ?

? To promote responsible pet ownership ?

? To increase public awareness of the role of pet care specialists ?

? To raise awareness and the value of working, companion and assistance animals ?

Animals are a really big part of my life.  Our family have quite a menagerie of animals as we rear our own meat.  We’ve been doing this for around three years.  We started off with one pig and it escalated from there.

My Pets

Obviously, Gump is my most important animal because she’s my Assistance Dog and I need her.  My life was very different before she came bounding into it.  Gump will soon be taking her final exams to become a fully qualified assistance dog with Canine Generated Independence.  We have two other dogs in our home, a working gundog called Pippa.  She’s an English Springer Spaniel and is very soppy.  We also have a chihuahua called Elephant (Ellie for short).  Ellie has a very big personality and tends to rule the roost.  Ellie doesn’t like a play but she does love a cuddle and can be found on my lap most evenings.  I recently found the most delightful company for dog treats called Top Collar.  They deliver healthy dog treats by post on a regular basis.  The envelope comes with a photo of your pooch on it too.  Beautiful touch!

assistance dog

I have a couple sheep that were intended to be reared for meat but they’re never ever going to be eaten because I love them (this is what happens when a former city girl starts farming).  Nala is a black-faced sheep that is the most lovely and affectionate jumper with legs that you could meet.  I’m quite sure she thinks she’s a dog.  She plays with Gump and jumps up when she’s invited.  Daft dollop.  I just love her!

friendly sheep image

We have meat chickens but at home, I keep my laying hens.  I love my chickens a great deal and can often be found sitting around with them in their coop.  I’ve had them since they were chicks and they’re coming up to a year old now.  These also will never be eaten.  These are pets and I love them.

laying hens photo

My pets are really important to me and I would hate to be without them.

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  1. says: Miss Tracy Hanson

    What a great article and very well written. We are all animal-mad in our house, between us we have 6 dogs and 2 cats lol. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pets. I used to have a dog and miss her dearly. I have always had several pets of various species and couldn’t think of a home without them. I don’t think there are many I would not have if I could (maybe spiders but that’s about it). My friend had a chicken for a while (she rehomed her as she was being worried by a very persistent fox) who was the first chicken I’d had the chance to meet with to actually interact with. She was a darling, and quite loved cuddles. I could sit on my friends’ kitchen floor and her chicken would come on over and be happy to get a hug or two!

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