Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019


With just two weeks to go until Mother’s Day, it’s definitely time to get your shopping head in the game.  I’ve put together a guide of things I’d recommend for the special mother in your life (may it be the mother of your children or your own mother).  You can also check Life as Mama for gift ideas for your mom.  Here are my suggestions:




SodaStream are having a Mother’s Day sale, which means you can get 10% off a machine right now.  If you have a mum that cares about the overuse of single-use plastic, this could be the ideal gift.  Enjoy the fizz without the guilt.  Check out their site here.

The Book Of Everyone

The Book Of Everyone - Mother's Day

How about a personalised Book Of Everyone.  I got one last year and I was completely taken with it and spent a long time pouring over all the facts and the details of things from the year I was born.  It’s packed with fun facts and fascinating information.  This year I have got one for my mum for Mother’s Day.


Romantic Damask Rose Scented Candle by Nizou

Nizou Romantic Damask Rose Scented Candle

I adore the smell of this candle.  The fragrances are a combination of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley – it’s just divine!  It’s made from natural vegetable wax and its burn time is around 35 hours.  It comes in a glass jar with a cotton wick so it’s a lovely ethical gift.  You can purchase this from here.


Vanilla Reindeer

Vanilla Reindeer gifts

For personalised and unique gifts, you can choose from a selection at Vanilla Reindeer.  Their website is super easy to use (it’s mobile friendly – I used it on my mobile phone).  I selected a box of chocolates and a gift bag for my mum.  You can have your goodies delivered directly to your recipient or to yourself.  I’m really impressed with the quality of the items I ordered.  I’ve noticed they also sell of a range of branded gifts so it’s a one-stop shop for special occasions.


Creative Nature Superfoods

Creative Nature

For the mum who enjoys baking, these Creature Nature baking mixes are ideal for something lovely to do on Mother’s Day.  Organic, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, Wholegrain Banana Bread is a delicious treat for a Mother’s Day afternoon with a cup of tea, or what about Organic, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, Chocolate Chip Muffin Mix?  Who doesn’t love a chocolate muffin?!  They also sell chia seeds which are crazily good for you and very delicious.


Wall Art from Lana KK

dandelion clock canvas

The canvasses from Lana KK are a beautiful quality, printed on Swiss-made, authentic cotton canvas.  They’re guaranteed for 10 years so they’ll be no fading.  You can expect sharp contrasts and fine art print quality combine to ensure the highest standards of visual brilliance with photorealistic quality.  I chose the dandelion clock one for my mum.  I think it will fit it perfectly in her bedroom.  You can see the full range here.


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

My Kindle is, without a doubt, one of my most treasured possessions.  I was very anti-electronic readers when they were first released.  My feelings were that I’d never be able to replace the way a book feels in my hands, the smell of it, the essence of a “real” book.  I do still love books and I have many that I treasure, but my day-to-day reading is done on my kindle.  I can read without having a bedside light on.  It’s comfortable to hold (mind you, the case on mine isn’t comfy) and easy to “turn” the pages.  My beloved Kindle.  You can buy one here from Amazon.



The Cloth – Cecilie, Organic Wrapping Cloth

The Cloth – Cecilie, Organic Wrapping Cloth

What’s more beautiful to wrap your gift in than this organic cotton wrapping cloth?  Imagine passing gifts back and forth using this for years to come?  It’s inspired by the Japanese ‘Furoshiki’ wrapping cloth  This is available from The Friendly Turtle Company.


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