Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Now Halloween is over, I think it’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas so I’ve put together Christmas Gift Guide 2022 to give you a few of my suggestions.

For Him

Bollox & Sox underwear

I have to start with this underwear gift set because the name is brilliant.  I got these from a recent event called Spirit Of Christmas at Olympia in London.  We had such a great time and I got a plethora of goodies, some of which I’ll be sharing in this guide.  This Bollox & Sox set is of great quality and really stylish.

Trendhim jewellery

Trendhim is a men’s accessories and jewellery website that sells Danish design products and has been doing so since 2007.  I chose the Damascus Steel and Wood ring.  They have many different products to choose from.

Race Night by Cheatwell Games

I think this Race Night game is going to be a lot of fun over the festive period.  All the fun of the races but without having to dress up or leave the house!  This game comes with two DVDs featuring the races.

Kikkerland Invisible Playing Cards

If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know we’re huge game players in our house and we love card games.  These Kikkerland Invisible Playing Cards are really stylish and I just know they’re going to be a firm family favourite.

Guitar Multitool

I love this!  How cool does it look?  It’s a guitar multitool so not only does it look great, but it’s also really useful.  I think this one is going to go down really well.  It’s so popular, it’s even award-winning.


For the man who is difficult to buy for, these Fixits are just perfect.  These do what glue and tape can’t when something is broken!  You just heat up a stick in kettle-boiled water for a minute and mould the stick around the broken object, which then goes solid and voila!  Fixed!  I think they’re just genius.

For Her

Animal Slippers

They might be for my Christmas Gift Guide but these Sherpa Lined Slippers aren’t making it outside my house.  They’re so lovely!  Fluffy insides as they’re sherpa lined, solid bottomed and really good quality.  I’m really happy with these they’d make a great gift and I just know these are going to last me for years to come!

silk pillowcase

This is an excellent gift suggestion, I swear by a silk pillowcase and this one from Calidad Home is just stunning.  It’s a gorgeous gold colour and is made from 100% mulberry silk.  Using a silk pillowcase has many benefits including reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoother hair and not waking up with bed head, it’s temperature regulating and relieves symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Crazy Plant Lady socks

These Crazy Plant Lady socks from Brainbox Candy are just perfect for a stocking filler.  They’re definitely the sort of thing I’d like for Christmas.  I am indeed a crazy plant lady so they’re perfect for me.

Shrig Box

Also from Brain Box Candy is this Shrig Subscription box by the artist David Shrigley.  This month’s box contains all sorts of goodies for those of us that adore stationery.  In this box are greeting cards, a Christmas card, a sticker, a sheet of wrapping paper and some postcards.

Water From A Crystal

This is another perfect Christmas gift for fellow plant addicts.  Water From A Crystal waters your plant for 3-4 days.  It’s hand blown and looks lovely nestled inside your plant pot.

One Gin gift set

One Gin is a great brand that does a lot of work for life-changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities.  The gin also happens to taste delicious!  I love this gin gift set.  It’s in such a pretty gift box and would look lovely under anyone’s tree.

For The Teenagers

Wide-Angle Clip Lens

You don’t often see a teenager isn’t attached to their mobile phone so I think a phone gadget is definitely going to be a winner.  This wide-angle clip lens is perfect for taking group selfies.  0.4x and just clips on, as the name suggests.

Smartphone Ring Light

You can see a theme here with my first two teenage suggestion gifts!  This smartphone ring light means they can take selfies anywhere without having to worry about the lighting wherever they are.  This is also super handy for clipping to a mirror to do your makeup!

painting pendulum

One for the budding artists among us, the make your own painting pendulum combines both art and science making it a great choice for teenagers.  They can learn about the forces of gravity while making art at the same time.  Very cool.

Mechanics Motion Magnetic Compass

I always think it’s nice having something to do over the festive period and with this set from Mechanics Motion you can build your own magnetic compass with a ball bearing.

Kikkerland Peg Light

I’ve put this in the teenage section but I actually think it would be great for any age.  I love to read in bed but having the light on is a nuisance.  This clothespeg clip light can just clip to your book or magazine and light up what you’re reading.  Isn’t it great?


For The Babies

I now have three grandchildren to buy for so I thought I’d add a section for gift suggestions for little ones too.

Magicube magnetic cubes

These Magicubes make fantastic gifts.  We gifted our grandson some on his first birthday and they remain one of his favourite toys to play with.  He stacks them and they stay together and you can build things with them too.  They’re very entertaining for little ones.  This year we’re going to give some to our other little grandson because they went down so well.

Tiny stacking cups by Dantoy

I’m a big fan of Dantoy toys.  They’re made sustainably from sugarcane and are 100% recyclable.  These stacking cups will be a perfect gift for our youngest grandbaby.

Make, Decorate & Play 3D safari

I’m quite sure every small child is into animals so I think this Make, Decorate & Play 3d Safari is going to go down a storm!  As you can gather, you colour the pieces in and pop them together to create your own little collection.  How cute?

Catch A Bug Wooden Fishing Game

Lastly, this wooden fishing game is perfect for the little budding fisherman amongst us.  This little set comes with two fishing rids so you can play along too.  I can just imagine pops enjoying this with our grandbabies.  He’s heavily into fishing so it’s a pretty perfect way to start them off!


If after reading my Christmas gift guide 2022 you still want more ideas, why not check out my last year’s gift guide?

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