Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Mesh Grocery Bags

Why You Should Regularly Clean Your Mesh Grocery Bags

Every sustainable warrior’s beginner’s kit includes mesh grocery bags, canvas shopping totes, metal straws, and to-go cutlery. These items provide more environmentally-friendly solutions to daily activities, minimizing the use and consumption of plastic. However, using a mesh produce bag also comes with some added responsibility.

Unlike plastic variations, which you throw away after one use, reusable mesh involves a little TLC. Although it’s easier to give the bags a quick rinse between each use, properly cleaning the bags offers more benefits. Here are three reasons why you should clean your mesh grocery bags regularly.

Bacteria Sterilization

Mesh produce bags naturally encounter direct contact with your food. Any germs they harbor can then spread to your fresh ingredients. Improper bag sanitation causes potential health risks, increasing your chances of spreading germs.

Bacteria and germs make their way onto everything. As with your hands, simply rinsing the bags only gets some of the grime off, but it doesn’t really attack the lingering germs. Use soap and a more thorough cleaning method to sanitize your mesh.

Cross Contamination

Food allergens come in varying severities, from rashes and swelling to major respiratory issues. They occur from your body’s immune system indexing an item as harmful. Juices, skin shavings, and other residues deriving from any edible source can cause reactions.

Improper bag sanitation increases one’s chances of allergic reactions through cross contamination. If someone uses the bag to buy almonds and fails to thoroughly clean it, the next person who uses the bag risks contaminating their produce with almond chunks, skin, or powder, putting them at risk of an allergy attack. For those with severe nut allergies, the consequences of cross contamination can be fatal.

Increased Lifetime

Implementing proper care methods for your mesh bags keeps them in top condition. The better shape they’re in, the longer they last. Properly cleaning your mesh reduces various risks, from rips and stains to mold and foul odors. It increases your bag’s lifetime, allowing you to make the most of it, keep it out of the landfill, and maximize its sustainability.

There are many reasons why you should regularly clean your mesh grocery bags, from reducing cross contamination risks to making sustainable gains from their extended lifespan. Keeping your bag clean keeps you and your produce safe, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle and fresh food. Keep your bag in top shape, and give it a deep clean.

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