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I’ve had a lovely birthday today.  It’s been filled with love and thoughtfulness.  I’ve spent lots of time with my friends and family, in real life and via Skype.  I’ve laughed a lot and eaten far too much cake and cuddled my babies lots and lots.  My little Goblins woke me up before seven this morning.  I am not used to being awake at that hour of the night.  I’m all too familiar with all the times prior to six in the morning, but after that, I’m usually asleep.  They had all made me cards (which all had my age written on them, what’s that about? – I remember being that young and being proud of reaching each age.  Those days…).


The two youngest children had put together a hamper containing all my favourite treats.  Look, I had beef monster munch on there.  I’m not proud of it, I just really struggle to kick the craving.  They’re so delicious!!  They’d also got me some cordial in a glass bottle and some super cosy slippers that I’d seen the week before.  I loved my hamper.  My thirteen year old had bought me a lipstick from a brand I’d been looking forward to trying.  I was so completely touched because it was completely her idea, her own doing, she used her own money and refused to be reimbursed by any adult.  Such thoughtfulness and generosity.

My best friend, Tor,  and her family came over at around eight this morning to wish me a happy birthday, shower me with gifts and fatten me up bring me birthday cake for breakfast.  She had made me some of my very favourite clean eating granola.  It’s soooo good for you and delicious.  This time around it had a twist.  Puffed rice!!  I can’t wait to try it.  Tor also gave me some ethically sourced gifts and had wrapped them in fabric and tissue paper.  I adore that sentiment and the fabric she used was actually the most beautiful scarf (thanks Tor, love you xxx).

My parents have been asking me since the beginning of January what I’d like as a birthday gift.  I told them there was nothing I needed and if they really want to give me something I’d like something handmade that they’ve made themselves from sustainable materials.  I’m really touched by what my mum made for me.  She knows how much I love and adore plants.  I have around fifty of them in my house (that’s a whole subject for another day).


 I love that my mum went to all the effort of making me these.  They’re so perfect.  She’s made me a few.  I have a couple of my house and a double one with herbs in for my outdoor nest (I’ll show you that in the spring).  She did buy me some gifts too; An organic sprouting jar and beans, a plant stand with a plant for outside, a gorgeous wooden thingy that makes seedling pots from old newspaper.  All sorts.

My boyfriend bought me (amongst many other things) a second-hand over-locker, as per my plea.  I can’t wait to use it!!  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but I absolutely will tomorrow.  He also bought me a new bag, because my other one was wrecked, and a toxin free face compact.

One of my favourite, funniest people popped in this afternoon, unexpectedly.  She is the funniest person I know, always has the best stories and I don’t see her enough so it was a lovely surprise.  I also spent lots time on video chat to my friends that are dotted about in various parts of the World but I’m very close to them.

My afternoon and consisted of my children frolicking around in the hot tub at the farm followed by cuddles and Chinese food.  This evening my boyfriend and I spent the evening with my first born and his girlfriend in the hot tub again.  Lushness.  A very lovely, relaxing day with love and laughs.


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