Dating Honestly

It seems lots of people aren’t dating honestly.  My single friends have been recently regaling me with tales from their dating lives.  Some of them are a little bit like a car crash.  I won’t name my friends, but I will tell you their stories so you can learn from their mistakes experiences.

Mr (Not Very) Big

C met a guy online and after a couple of weeks, they decided to meet up.  We’re going to call him LM (Little Man).  Now, being short isn’t a problem, lying is a problem because on this occasion his truth (or lie) indicated the height of C”s heels.  C is 5’6 and LM told C he was 5’9 and had been in the army.  C figured a good 2″ heel would ensure she didn’t tower above him.

As C arrived at the agreed meeting place, she noticed as she approached him, LM wasn’t getting any taller, even though he was walking towards her.  His 5’9 was a rather tall tale.  He was more like a 5’2 Danny DeVito shaped man.  Not at all what he had advertised.  His body had definitely not seen any military action.

C decided to go ahead and continue with her date, despite him not being truthful in his description.  He looked far older than his alleged 45 years, his fingernails were dirty (really dirty!) and at the end of the date, when C noticed he hadn’t drunk any of his coke, he admitted he doesn’t actually like it and only ordered the same as her to impress her.  It did the opposite.  She didn’t see him again.



The Text

Lu….I went on a date today….he was fine but I think I’ve scared him away. During the date, I had a phone call from my boss. I’m driving so I put it on speaker. My boss “Elle, DCI so and so is here in the office, he needs to talk to you”. I sh*t myself at this point. My date looks horrified but I’m in deep. I don’t hang up. A policeman comes on. “Ms Elle, nothing to worry about. We understand you were in a relationship with a man named “anonymous” as a teenager. We understand he was a lot older then you and you were around 15. Is this true? We’d like to ask you a few questions about him as an allegation has been made about “anon” and it’s in this area of age and consent”…..anyway, sorted out a date for the police to come to my house and hang up. Date looks horrified. Completely shocked! But we needed up laughing about it. So yeah, one of my exes got arrested for being a child molester and I found out about it on a date, from the police, on speakerphone ?. Love my life! And that’s just today hahahah

I love that Elle doesn’t try and hide who she is.  She’s fun and open and doesn’t care about people judging her.  We could all take a leaf out of her book (possibly not the page on which she dated older men when she was younger, mind you…).

Don’t Be A Little Porker

Here’s the thing;  If you tell a lie, especially it’s something as basic as your appearance, you’re going to get noticed.  Don’t lie about anything.  You can’t form a trusting relationship with a foundation of lies.  I genuinely believe the truth will always out in the end.



Be Open

If you meet your date online, which is where most people do meet their dates these days, why not tell them the truth?  If they know the bits you’d rather people didn’t know and they still want to see you and vice versa, surely you’re onto a winner, no?

There are many places to look if you’re hoping to find a date, for example, Suffolk dating siteOxford datingSuffolk datingsingle women in DumfriesBedfordshire dating.  If you do want a casual hook up, there are places for no strings dating.

If you’re currently navigating the dating scene, enjoy.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.
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