The Butterfly Effect

changing from a girl into a woman

The Butterfly effect

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I have called this blog post The Butterfly Effect as a way of describing the transition in which a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, just like a girl to a woman.

The last time I wrote a blog post was when I was telling you about my SATS and how I felt moving from a primary to a secondary school. Now I have completed two terms and I’m in my third term of secondary school. Now I am doing very well in my school and fitting in perfectly. I’m a studious and conscientious pupil. I have made many friends over the period of time I have been at my secondary school.

What I like to do for fun

After school is over and I am at home I like to read and play games with my friends. One of my favourite things to do is crafting cards and painting, I also like to write stories in my own time. I’ll tell you more about that between the 27th and the 3rd as that is national storytelling week. I love to watch DIY videos and crafting things for others.

happy childrenThings that my family do together

In our family, we have a TV show that we only watch together at the moment we are watching Once Upon A Time. My family also love playing board games and card games for example Monopoly, The Logo game, Cheat and Uno but sadly it has gone missing.

What I to do when I’m older

As we all know there is a variety of jobs we could all do like being a police officer or a teacher and so much more. There are a few jobs I would like to have like being a teacher or a singer but the one I want to be the most is an actor. The reason that I want to be an actress is that actresses and actors bring joy to families and keep them close, just like they do to my family.

What’s important to me

A lot of things are important to me because they bring back good memories like when I was at my primary school they gave us tops with a photo of us on it that we wanted to we could get other people to write their names on them for us to remember them. Another thing that is important to me the most important I is my friends and family. They do a lot for me each and every one of them has supported me all the way through my life.


Thanks for reading. You can find my previous posts here.

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  1. says: Rhia

    I love the reason behind wanting to be an Actress. Many people want to take up that profession for the glory of it but you want to do it for others. That’s truly a beautiful way to think. X

  2. says: Anne

    Such a beautiful descriptive post, well done to you and your supportive family and friends and so lovely to see you emerging into an interesting and intelligent butterfly ?

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