Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

We’ve been trialling the Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device and we’re ready to share with you our thoughts.


About Kathleen

Kathleen was founded in the beautiful town of Royal Leamington Spa in 2014.

KATHLEEN® provides high quality, premium, natural and organic skincare products with no extra artificial chemicals. KATHLEEN® is 100% made in Great Britain. Our success is due to our careful selection of the purest, natural organic ingredients and our good manufacturing process. We pride ourselves on providing natural and reliable skin care products.


The Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

Kathleen cleansing device

The device comes in a box along with instructions and a USB charging cable.

It’s recommended that before you use the device, you charge it for 10 hours.  Replace the waterproof cover when you unplug it.


How To Use The Device

If you’re wearing eye makeup, that needs to be removed by hand.  Wet your skin and you can either apply your chosen cleaner to your skin or the device.  We’ve done both (when I use the phrase we throughout this post, I’m talking about myself and LIssyLu.  She’s obsessed with this device!) and it works just as well either way.  I think I prefer to apply the cleanser to the device.  Switch the device on using the on/off button and select your desired speed by using the + and – buttons.

how to use the faicla sonic cleansing device

Once your face is cleansed, rinse your face.  It’s recommended that you use the device for 1 minute every evening.


The Benefits

The Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device enables deep cleansing with different size silicone nodules in various different places, allowing for you to choose what your skin needs and what’s right for you.

You can enjoy a relaxing facial massage in the comfort of your own home every evening.

The device is waterproof and free-standing, therefore easy to store.

It’s made from non-harsh, soft silicone tough points brush.


My Review

Kathleen Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

The device is a great size and shape.  I feel like it’s ergonomically designed perfectly to follow the natural contours of your face.  Using the device is so relaxing and it feels like a really special, pampering experience every evening.  The battery lasts amazingly well.  Both myself and my daughter have been using it every evening since it arrived and it’s still going strong (she uses it for much longer than the recommended 1 minute too!).

My skin feels so much more cleansed that if I was just using my hands to wash my face and I feel like it would be effective for stimulating blood flow in your skin too.  I’m really enjoying using this and I’m sure it’s going to continue to be a favourite with myself and LissyLu for a long time.  You can read our other green beauty posts here.


Thank you so much to Kathleen for sending us the device.  Please note, we were sent this for our review.  All opinions are our own and not influenced.

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