How To Increase Your Quality Of Sleep

How To Increase Your Quality Of Sleep

Do you feel constant fatigue? Maybe it is because there are other things in your life that have higher priority than sleep. However, rest is one of the most critical phases of each day. How to improve the quality of sleep then?

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What environment do you sleep in?

The first thing you should focus on is your bedroom or the place where you sleep. How good is your bed, what is the condition of the mattress?

The bedroom should be a quiet room. As a rule, we maintain a slightly lower room temperature in it than, for example, in the bathroom or the living room. A lower temperature is suitable for sleeping. A bed should be spacious and stable. It should have a high-quality high mattress that can distribute the weight of your body and create support for the spine. If you sleep on a double bed, prefer two separate mattresses to a double mattress

Do not forget about details. A duvet and bed linen also affect the quality of sleep. In addition to feeling comfortable under a blanket, they must also ensure thermal regulation.

Ventilate the room thoroughly before going to sleep. You can even leave the window open all night during the summer months. Fresh air is important for good sleep. 

You need to prepare for sleep properly

You should start preparing for sleep a few hours before going to sleep. Therefore, reduce physical activity by approximately 2 to 3 hours before bedtime (leave any sports or fitness centre for the morning or afternoon after work). The body is ‘energized’ and will make it harder for to fall asleep.

Eating the fridge in the evening is also a mistake. The last meal of your day should be dinner also at least two hours before bedtime. It should be a light dish that will not burden your digestive system at night. Digestion should also rest during the night!

And the last wrong thing most people do is look at a screen. You should put your cell phone aside and turn off the TV at least an hour before bedtime (but ideally even in this case 2-3 hours). The blue light that these devices emit is confusing to our brains. It thinks it is still day and is therefore not ready for sleep due to low melatonin production.  

Make sleep your priority

We often neglect sleep in favour of other activities. We can’t keep up with work, we go around pubs, etc. Although today’s society is largely set up for nightlife, this is not the case with our bodies. You should therefore make your sleep a priority. Otherwise, you may disrupt your sleep mode so that it can be very difficult to correct. 

The need for sleep is individual, but each of us needs to sleep 6 to 9 hours daily. However, this is not an average figure – those of us who neglect sleep during the week and then make up for lost hours by sleeping at the weekends also make a mistake.

Adjust your daily routine so that you can spend the time you need to sleep well every day. And that the days when you fail in this are an exception rather than a rule.

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