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Plastic Free July is a great time to consider the environmental impact your disposable razor has on the planet (not to mention your wallet!).

Hair Busting

I’ve never been a regular shaver.  I mean, I’m not hairy McGee as I’m blessed with fair hair so it isn’t a huge issue for me.  That said, I feel like social expectation makes me feel uncomfortable wandering around with hairy armpits so long I could plait it.

Also, for hygiene reasons (alright, also a little for the sake of vanity), I don’t like a terribly unruly bush downstairs.  These things need to be kept in check.

Disposable Razors

disposable razor

The first disposable razor with changeable blades was manufactured in 1901.  I dread to think how many have been produced since then!

Remember the first ever time you shaved your legs?  Remember those first delicate, tentative attempts at gliding the razor across your skin to avoid the nicks?  The beginnings of adulthood.  Well, that razor is probably still in existence somewhere or other.  How many have you used since then?  All still around, not decomposing somewhere.


Disposable razors are rarely recyclable – I’m yet to come across one that is.

I also find the price of disposable razors to be crazy!!! The initial outlay of around £10 for the razor itself and then the replaceable blades which are ridiculously expensive at about £12 for 6 blades!.


The Smug Alternative

My old school razor is awesome.  It cost me around £15 and will last me forever.  New blades cost around £2 for a pack of 10, which will last well over a year.  They just come wrapped in paper and you can recycle the old blades at your local recycling centre once you’ve finished with them.

safety razor blades

 Since I bought my razor over a year ago, I’ve had to buy another so MrLovely could have mine and another one for our oldest son.  The first one I bought was this double edge butterfly metal razor with the standard length handle.  It did come in a plastic case but it’s not single use and it’s good to have somewhere to keep it.  Particularly great if you travel because the case is really hardy and has a mirror built in.

jagen david safety razor

Following my purchase of the standard length handle, I read in a few places that women tended to buy the long handled razors because they’re easier to use when shaving your legs.  I’ve used both and I can’t say that I’ve noticed the difference.  I have really long legs so if there was going to be a difference, I probably would have noticed it.  I don’t think it matters which length you get, personally.

This is the second razor I purchased after Mr Lovely pinched my original one.  This one came in a cardboard box.  It’s every bit as lovely as my first.


I get the impression that people think these double edged safety razors are more difficult to use or are more likely to cut you.  This really isn’t the case.  Sure, it takes a teeny bit of getting used to.  You need to get a feel for it and get used to holding it at the right angle, but I’ve only ever nicked myself a couple of times and I’ve been doing this for over a year.  That’s a lot of potential nicking opportunities.

ethical razor


Shaving Foam/Shaving Cream

Honestly, what’s the point?  Why buy an extra product to take up room in your bathroom when you already have the perfect product?  A simple bar of soap is perfect for lathering up your areas prior to shaving.  Failing that, a shower gel, or if you’re feeling creative, you can whip up a shaving soap or a cream yourself (like the one I made in the tin pictured with the first safety razor above).  I adore the recipes on Wellness Mama.

The bar of soap pictured with the razor above is by John Masters Organics from LoveLula.  Their soaps are divine.


I found this to be a simple, cost effective switch.  You’d be not only helping the planet but also your wallet.


I’d love to hear any shaving related tips that you guys have.  You can check out other posts in this category here.  Please do comment below.

Lu Lovely

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