Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar

Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar


I’ve just had the pleasure of washing my hair with the Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar.  I thought you might like to read my findings on it.


My. HairCare

My. HairCare was created by two hairdressers called Rob Forgione & Denis Kovalyov.  Together, they have a wealth of experience in the haircare World and are regulars at NYC and Paris fashion week.

My. HairCare

My Haircare™  aspires to be the market leader in sustainable wellness driven hair care.

First Impressions

I really like the minimalist, environmentally responsible packaging of the product.  The shampoo comes in a cardboard box (fully compostable or recyclable – yay!) with lots of information on it.  Inside the box, printed, are the instructions on how to use the bar, and the actual shampoo bar.  Nothing unnecessary.  The smell is of lotus and cherry blossom.  It smells good.

My. Hair

Rescue My. Hair™ Volume Shampoo Bar


The Bar

Rescue My. Hair

The bar is about 7.5cm in diameter and 1.5cm thick.  I think it will last quite a long time because having used the bar, it has barely shrunk at all.

This shampoo bar is 100% vegan and handmade in the EU.  The shampoo contains extracts of Soja germ extract, fava bean extract, pea extract, kidney bean extract.

To use the bar, the instructions say;

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Rub bar between your hands to make it lather
  3. Apply to hair evenly, using your fingertips
  4. Rinse thoroughly
  5. Repeat if required, if not proceed to conditioner
  6. Enjoy your sensory experience

The shampoo lathered up really well in my hands.  I need to later and apply twice, which delivered just the right amount for my long hair.  After rinsing, my hair felt really clean so I didn’t need to wash it a second time.

After Washing

My hair feels lovely having washed it with the shampoo.  I do need to condition my hair after shampooing.

I’ve tried many different solid shampoo bars over the years in my efforts to reduce plastic waste.  I’ve even gone through a phase of washing my hair with egg yolks (which actually worked really well!) but this shampoo bar is definitely up there as one of my favourites.  I don’t have any residue left in my hair.  It feels clean and smells good.  Definitely a winner for me!!  You can buy yours from here.

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