Gifts For Her – Christmas Gift Guide

Gifts For Her - Christmas Gift Guide

I know these days we’re supposed to be gender neutral, but I’m a woman and these are the sorts of gifts that I’d want for Christmas so here in my guide for the wo(man) in your life.

The Book Of Everyone

book of everyone

These personalised books are fantastic.  Packed with information about the recipients birth date and things that happened on that day.  Things that other people were doing when they were your age.  How to say your name in sign language, what you share your DNA with.  It’s full of amazing facts.  It’s basically, a book entirely devoted to you.  All about you.  It’s a very unique and brilliant present.  You can buy one from here.

Rose Gold 3 Drawer Mirrored Organiser

rose gold organiser

This absolutely beautiful large rose gold mirrored organiser is the perfect gift for the woman in your life.  It comprises of three drawers with crystal handles, an open top section with three separate compartments and extended side sections with two compartments each.  It is the ultimate makeup and jewellery storage solution.  You can find this product here.

Chelsea Peers NYC

Chelsea Peers NYC pjs

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas.  We always have a new set to start of the festive season and are often a gift to each other the night before.  Chelsea Peers NYC have the ultimate relax at home products.  You can see their range here.

Forever Bespoke

sterling silver necklace

This is a company I follow on Instagram and I love watching their stories and seeing how the products are personalised.  It’s really fascinating.

I chose a beautiful sterling silver personalised necklace with a letter L on it.  I also bought my daughter a matching E (her name is actually Elissa, though we all call her LissyLu).  The packaging is beautiful and I adore the little wooden heart, I think that’s a gorgeous touch.  Forever Bespoke products are really affordable and just lovely.  You can see their range here.

Tesalate Compact Beach Towel

teaslate beach towel

If you’re off for some winter sun or, like me, you live near a beach, how about a sand repellant beach towel?  Tesalate is an Australian company selling an innovative beach towel.  Aside from sand not sticking onto the towel, it’s perfect for yoga, picnics and any outdoor activity.  It’s compact and light, so it’s perfect for travellers and a great gift for special occasions.  They come in a range of stunning colours and designs.  You can see the range here.

Threaders Cute Companion Crochet Kit

Crochet Companion

For Christmas, I think it’s nice to have something to eat, something to wear and something to do.  This little zebra is a gorgeous little thing to create at any time of year.  The kit includes everything you need to make the little animal; yarn, tools (including a needle for assembling the character and beads for the characters’ eyes), stuffing, 3mm crochet hook and instructions.  You can buy one of these little cuties from here.

Orla Kiely Watch

Orla Kiely watch

A watch is a beautiful gift.  Watches2u have a large and varied selection for all different budgets.  I chose this gorgeous analogue timepiece with a navy blue leather strap.

Name A Star Gift Tin

name a star

I love the sentiment of this gift.  Name A Star.  The tin that it comes in is lovely and a great place to keep all the information safe. I’m sure whether you are male/female, young or old, You have gazed at the stars on a summer’s evening. I have spent so many hours staring at the stars, dreaming of one-day venturing space. In the meantime, this will do just nicely.  You can buy this from Buy A Gift.


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