Shopping Green Beauty Brands This Christmas

I’ve discovered some beautiful small brands this year, along with some brands I’ve loved for a while.  Never has there been a more important time to shop small so I thought I’d share with you a small business, green beauty gift guide.


Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials

Lovegrove Essentials is a brand that is new to me.  They have been a wonderful discovery because not only are they a small brand that sells natural, organic and holistic skincare, but they’re also down down the road from where I live!

Photographed above is their Limited Edition Winter 2020 Lotion Duo.  Pretty perfect, if like me, you’re washing your hands constantly and getting through a ton of alcohol gel!

You can see their website here.




Butterwhips is another of my favourite discoveries of 2020.  Being a total foot balm addict, I ordered the Planted Feet balm and it’s amazing!  It is the most perfect consistency and leaves my feet feeling amazing.

My daughter is using one of their body butters and the smell of it is just incredible.  The owner, Vix, is a truly lovely person.  You can see her website here,  I especially love her No More Hiding blog post.  Butterwhips products are fair trade, cruelty-free and sustainable.  Also, do note the plastic-free container.  Yep, I have all-round adoration for this company.  Check out their website here.


Raven Botanicals

Raven Botanicals facial oil

“Raven Botanicals was founded by sisters, Arabella and Charlotte Harvey, who grew up in the beautiful Scottish Borders surrounded by art, culture and plants!”  I have their Skin Saviour Facial Oil and it’s just beautiful.  It’s packed with oils that are formulated to hydrate, heal and moisturise.  I keep this oil in my downstairs bathroom and use it after I’ve done a face mask and it makes my skin glow.  You can see their other products on their website here.


Pretty Special Beauty

Pretty Special Beauty

Another of my favourite brands is Pretty Special Beauty.  The products really are pretty special.  I carry their hand sanitiser around as standard because it’s brilliant and far better than the ones shops have to offer.  I’ve also tried their Beauty Sleep Restorative Night Balm and their Overnight Replenishing Oil, all of which are gorgeous formulas and are really lovely to drift off to sleep wearing.  If you haven’t given them a try, why not check out Lisa’s website?  You won’t regret it.


You can check out my other Christmas Gift Guide here.

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