Hey! Hairy Mary – Why Don’t You Shave?!

Hey! Hairy Mary - Why Don't You Shave?!

At the beginning of last winter, I stopped shaving my legs and my armpits.  I decided to just be hairy and I remember it being around the time MrLovely was doing Movember.  I felt it was acceptable because during winter and neither my legs nor pits are exposed publicly.  We’re moving into spring now and I’m not sure if I’m going to restart shaving them.

Why Do We Bother?

naked mole rat

Julia Roberts hairy armpits


Women have been shaving their legs since the beginning of the 20th century when hemlines got shorter.  I do wonder why we do it.  Who decided body hair looked unattractive on women?  It’s not natural to be completely hair-free.  Take the naked mole rat for example.  That has minimal hair and it looks very unusual.


The majority of men don’t shave their armpits or legs and no one bats an eyelid.  In fact, because it’s so normal for men to have both hairy armpits and legs, I think it would look really strange if MrLovely had fluff free pits.

It’s a nuisance trying to shave your legs in the shower and we don’t have a bath.   I use a double-edged razor and it’s not fun trying to tangle yourself into various different angles to try to get a good position to de-fuzz.

I remember baulking at images of Julia Roberts sporting hairy armpits on the red carpet back in 1999.  My thoughts were that it was barbaric and gross.  Now, almost 20 years later, I get it.  Why bother?  I simply cannot be bothered with the maintenance involved of being hair free.  Why do we need to?  Who says?!

MrLovely says my hair doesn’t offend him in the slightest  He doesn’t find it at all unattractive.   Who are we trying to impress with our streamlined hair-free selves?  I’m not offended by my hair either.  In fact, I quite fascinated by just how long my leg hair will grow?  Will I be able to plait it soon?


The Down Low

I don’t feel the same way about my lady garden.  I do feel there is a purpose to keeping that trim and tidy.  For starters, you don’t want to start having things get lost in there.  Also, I find it less messy when you’re on your period to keep your hair short, and it makes certain things more accessible.  I get that.  No Grizzly Adams in the downstairs department here.


Be Bold Hairy

My plan is to stay hairy until I feel like I can’t carry on without shaving.  Until I get really embarrassed by my hairy pits of fluffy legs.

Is anyone else just letting their hair grow?  I’m sure I can’t be the only one that feels this way?  Anyone?  Someone?

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Sasha

    I’ve said it a million times…. BEAUTY STANDARDS ARE EFFING RIDICULOUS. Hair or no hair, you are bloody beautiful and should be completely up to you to do WHATEVER the hell you want with your body 🙂

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