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Craft Cider

I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to ciders. I am Somerset born and bred. Somerset, the home of cider. Imagine my delight when I was asked to try some craft ciders. Over the years I’m sure I have sampled most local ciders, whether they have been homemade on a small scale of larger farm made ciders. With this, I hoped I would be the right person for the job. I understand, reading this back, it makes me sound a complete drunk! Actually, I very rarely drink and when I do it’s normally something I have brewed myself. Honest.

Post In The Snow

Snow on the ground and the postie brought me a wonderful discovery box from Crafty Nectar. Now, should I immediately get to grips with this? No, let’s take some photos of it in the snow.

Craft cider

First Impressions

Well, what can I say, It came very well packaged. To be honest, had I not known what it was beforehand, you would never have guessed.  To be able to send glass bottles to the door without them getting broken still amazes me now. I was very impressed with the Extra care taken using packing peanuts against the bottom of the bottles and the dividers had been well packed. Apart from the packing peanuts, the entire packaging is recyclable, nice touch.

Lanscombe Rising Cider

This cider comes in a wired/corked bottle, it is naturally slightly sparkling but at the same time a traditional farmhouse cider. Well, that’s what they said on the bottle. This is what Crafty Nectar have to say.

This cider is made using the ancient art of Keeving, which produces a very slow, full-flavoured fermentation. It is bottled while still young, retaining the natural sugars, to finish with a medium taste, fine natural sparkle and a nutty, caramel background.

Once the wire cage is removed, the cork came out super easy. The smell, well that just brought back so many memories of cider cellars. The smell of barrels being opened and tapped is one you never forget. Immediately, the bubbles start to head for the surface. Though its a cider bottled young, it is beautifully clear with hardly any sediment at all. If I am being brutally honest, this was a serious trendsetter. The taste was sweet, subtly dry aftertaste with a very refreshing bite. The clarity and crispness of this cider is something to behold.

Lanscombe Rising cider

Angioletti Cider

Some people love fruit ciders, me, I like a select few. This was one, unfortunately, I did not like. As normal, The bottle was capped and was a great shaped bottle with a long slender neck. This cider is advertised as a rose. Here is what they say.

Angioletti Rosé with Blueberry is a vibrant, fruity and refreshing sparkling craft Italian cider. Aromas of ripe forest fruits are followed by fresh apple flavours balanced by the rounded, juicy character of blueberry fruit.The aftertaste is long, clean and fresh with a hint of creaminess.
Angioletti Rosé with Blueberry is made in the same way as Prosecco, but using apples and a splash of blueberry instead of grapes, it’s sparkling style making it perfect for special occasions and ‘al fresco’ celebrations.

When  I removed the cap the smell was not at all what I expected, after asking Lu to sniff it, we both agreed it had the aroma of Balsamic vinegar. I certainly wasn’t holding out high hopes but poured it anyway. Taste-wise, it actually tasted quite like balsamic vinegar, very dry, quite sharp and not very pleasurable at all. Maybe I had a compromised bottle? Do remember, this is my opinion only, others may find it delicious.

Angioletti cider

Kentish Pip Wild Summer Cider

This cider really got me thinking. A cider infused with elderflower. Another simple capped bottle, with a very vibrant and busy label. Not a massive description but it really didn’t need it.

Handpicked fresh elderflowers infused to create an enticing, zingy Wild Summer cider

I find it difficult to explain just how amazing this cider is. Most noteworthy is when you pop off the cap you are immediately hit by the aroma of elderflowers, It truly is summer! The taste, wow. If you have ever made elderflower cordial yourself, it is that, exactly that.  For me, it is one of those drinks you would start supping and keep going all evening without realising it has quietly taken away the use of you’re legs. Honestly, I cannot think of any negatives with this drink. I truly believe this has to be the overall winner for me. a fresh, light, crisp drink that not only works on its own but would be great with a meal or bbq.

Wild Summer cider

Cider By Post

I must admit, I didn’t think Cider by post was a thing. Crafty Nectar has clearly got everything right in my opinion. It arrives well packaged, good varieties and it even came with a great little bottle opener to top it all off. Would I use them again?Absolutely, its a fantastic idea with some very high-quality ciders. Something for everyone. If you want to try for yourself, visit them here.


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