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Having clean hair without using toxins has always been my biggest battle in my transition to natural alternatives.  I will never use products with SLS or SLES or parabens… The list continues of what I won’t allow myself or my loved ones to put on their skin.  I find the very idea of people putting harsh detergents on their skin barbaric.  Companies being allowed to use them is even more shocking because so many people have no idea.

Most products on the high street and in supermarkets contain nasty ingredients that have no place being in our personal care products.  Every single member of my family knows how many seconds it takes for a product they put onto their skin to reach their bloodstreams (and then into their organs).  It’s 26 seconds, in case you didn’t know.


Clever Marketing

natural hair

It drives me crazy that many multinational, global companies bandy around the words herbal, nourishing, therapeutic, raw, nature and such like.  The use of these words lures people into a false sense of security.  Oh, it looks oh so natural.  No.  Just because a product says natural on its packaging very rarely means that it actually is.  You really need to read the label and learn the names of the nasty ingredients that should be avoided.  There’s an amazing website you can use to check how safe the products you’re using are.  It’s a site called EWG.  I need balance.  I’ve tried going shampoo free but it just hasn’t worked for my hair long term.


Pure Potions

pure potions

I love it when I find a new ethical brand and have recently discovered Pure Potions.  Pure Potions are a British Company founded by a mother looking for a product to soothe her daughter’s dry and itchy skin.  This resonates with me as it was because of my children that I stopped using antiperspirants and learned about toxins in our personal care products.

Pure Potions very kindly sent me their Hair & Scalp shampoo and conditioner to try.  This company doesn’t use any SLS, SLES, perfumes or parabens.  Their products are vegan-friendly and they use organic ingredients where possible.


Hair & Scalp Range

“Non-irritating and suitable for dry, itchy, flaky, sensitive scalps”.  These products boast being 99% natural and the ingredients lists look very wholesome (no scary ethyls and PEGs, etc).

The packaging is simple and classic looking.  The containers are recyclable.

pure potions shampoo

The Shampoo

The smell of this shampoo is one of my favourite things about it.  It smells amazing!!  Sweet and herbal and like something I’d be happy eating…  When you apply it there is no chemical foam (yes!  The ingredient that makes shampoo foam is the ingredient you need to avoid).  I also add a small amount of water to the shampoo to make it go on better (I do this with all natural shampoos).  Following washing, my hair felt cleansed and healthy.


pure potions conditioner

The Conditioner

As with the shampoo, the smell is this conditioner is amazing,  It’s different to the shampoo, less sweet with a detectable hint of the calendula and a teeny undertone of liquorice.

I use a blob about the size of the tip of my thumb, apply it to the ends, comb it through and leave it on whilst I’m washing my body.  Once rinsed off, my hair feels soft and healthy.  I do find it doesn’t detangle as well as some other conditioners that I’ve used, but it detangles far better than an apple cider vinegar rinse and leave my hair smelling amazing!!  I think when you’re using a natural product, your expectations need to be reasonable.  These hair range products are great and I’ll happily use them again.

To read more about Pure Potions, you can visit their website.


Why don’t you have a look at the ingredients in your current hair care products and compare them to the ingredients in these?  I’d love to hear about what you’re currently using as your hair products.  Thanks for reading and thank you to Pure Potions for the lovely shampoo and conditioner.

Lu Lovely

As I mentioned, Pure Potions sent me these products for reviewing purposes.  My opinions are not influenced by this.
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  • I’ve been trying different paraben/chemical free shampoo and conditioners lately and I’m really struggling to find one that doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy afterwards! Maybe heavy isn’t the right word but there’s definitely some strange film or something left on it. I’ve even rinsed for longer than usual too. Did you hair feel really clean after using this one?

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