How to Raise a Respectful Teenager

How to Raise a Respectful Teenager

Raising a child that is respectful both to you and to others is a major concern for many parents. None of us would like to think that our children go around being rude to people when you’re not around to supervise their behaviour. But how do you raise a respectful teenager? I have teamed up with one of the top girls’ schools in Surrey to offer you some advice.

Be Respectful

Young people learn how to behave from their parents and other influential people in their lives. With this in mind, one of the most important things you can do when teaching your children to be respectful is to be respectful yourself. For instance, if you’re out for a meal as a family and the waitress makes a mess of your order, approach the situation with kindness and patience rather than snapping at her and making her feel stupid. If you are rude to people in this sort of environment, your child will think it’s normal and acceptable to speak to people in this way.

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Dealing With Conflict

The same rule applies to conflict within your home. If your teen does something that you’re not happy with and you start yelling at them, they will think it’s okay to yell. Instead, it would be far better if you spoke to them in a calm way and explained that whatever it is they have done is unacceptable and that there will be repercussions. Try and live by the age-old motto “treat people the way you wish to be treated”. See also Parenting Style To Fit Your Child.

However, respect doesn’t come down to the way in which you deal with conflict. It’s also about valuing other people’s thoughts and opinions and listening when they have something to say rather than talking over them or interrupting. Again, this is something you can demonstrate to your child through your own behaviour, but also something you can simply talk to them about. During mealtimes or when you’re driving somewhere in the car, talk to your teen about what they consider to be respectful or disrespectful behaviour and then share your own thoughts.

If, like me, you’re a parent of teenagers, why not check out my family posts here.

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