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femme luxe loungewear

As we are well into month 3 of lockdown, most of my (and I’m sure everyone’s) outfits are for in the loungewear. This lounge wear is easy to tie in with the current trends, which are crop tops, two piece outfits.

I’m really into fashion and I love trying out the latest trends and seeing how they look on me. Summer 2020 is all about comfy yet stylish outfits. At the moment on social media you see people wear leggings, high waisted biker shorts, jogging bottoms and jogging bottom shorts, dresses, two pieces, oversized tops or cropped tops.

What I am wearing at the moment is been largely dictated by the current pandemic that we’re experiencing. We are well into month three of lockdown and most of my outfits have been all about lounge wear, active wear and dresses. Lounge wear is easy to tie in with current trends. I’m really enjoying comfortable clothing at the moment. I feel like the weather can’t make up its mind so my clothing needs to be able to be layered. My fashion also needs to be suitable for whatever i am doing, this consists of working out, going on walks, cleaning and mostly doing nothing at home. The clothing that I got from Femme Luxe is perfect for this.

Charcoal Fitted Short Sleeve Crop T-Shirt – Zaynifemme luxe cropped t-shirt

The first item I chose is the charcoal fitted short sleeve crop t-shirt. This top is one of my favourite items that I got and I wear this all the time. It is so comfortable and goes with anything. I usually wear this top with the oversized hoodie shorts loungewear set. I really like the look of this top. Cropped tops are one of the main pieces of clothing in fashion trends at the moment, they are also personally one of my favourite things to wear. The colour grey goes really well with most colours. You can wear this top anywhere, going out or staying home. You can also do your workout in this top without getting too hot.

Grey Oversized T-Shirt & Leggings Loungewear Set – Everleighfemme luxe grey loungewear set

The second item I chose is the grey oversized t-shirt & leggings loungewear set. I love oversized t-shirts, they match really well with leggings, they are one of the comfiest outfits and I wear them all the time. I really like that this set matches and they are so comfy. The colour grey it goes with so many different colours. You could also put the outfit with other items or accessories and it would go together well. Outfits like these you can wear anywhere because everyone wears them. I think that it’s an easy yet stylish outfit great to wear at home doing nothing, working, or to go to the shop.

Black Ribbed Cropped Skinny Leg Loungewear Set – Mila

femme luxe loungewear black set

The next item I chose is the black ribbed cropped skinny leg loungewear set. I really like this outfit, I think that it’s really pretty and is great to do anything in. The top is one of my favourite tops, personally I have always wanted a top like this and I adore it. I think this set is stylish yet comfy and the colour black is the easiest colour to put with others because it goes with everything. With this set you could add accessorises like jewellery , different coloured shoes or you could mix it up but wearing a different top or bottoms.

Khaki Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set – Ariyah

femme luxe hoodie shorts set

The last item I chose is the Khaki oversized hoodie shorts loungewear set. This set is my favourite thing I chose. I love this set. It is so comfy yet stylish and you can wear it anywhere. You see jogging bottom shorts a lot on social media worn by social media influencers. This outfit is extremely soft, so it keeps you warm but it’s shorts and the zip up hoodie does not have sleeves so it keeps you cool. I wear this all the time with the charcoal fitted short sleeve crop t-shirt and it is one of the comfiest things I have. Personally, I love the colour of this set, I think it goes really well together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post. It’s been really fun collaborating with Femme Luxe and I have really enjoyed writing this post. The clothing from Femme Luxe is all so lovely and I definitely recommend them. I’m looking forward to any future collaborations with other brands. Look out for any more of my posts from alifeoflovely and my new personal blog alittlelifeoflovely. I plan to be getting more involved with blog writing this year. Thank you for reading My Loungewear Fashion From FEMME LUXE by Lissy.

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