How To Throw An On Point Unicorn Party

My best friend lives a couple of doors away from my house.  We engineered it to be this way.  Our families are very close.  Both of our men enjoy hunting together, Tor (the best friend) and I used to do floristry together and our daughter’s love to pretend they’re twins.  It’s like living in an episode of the Walton’s in our little cul-de-sac.

Their daughter turned 8 this week.  Tor had decided, very last-minute, to throw Freya a surprise birthday party and asked for my help in planning it.  We decided upon a unicorn theme.  Unicorns are extremely popular and Freya has an amazing imagination so it fitted perfectly.


We got some beautiful unicorn themed party supplies from Party Pieces.  The little unicorn hats were super popular
and were a huge hit with both the parents and children.  The gold sparkly garland also received lots of admiring comments.  Party Pieces were a pleasure to deal with.

Tor also bought some beautiful brightly coloured garlands from ebay and teamed them with paper party lanterns (I loved these and would merrily have them in a home all year round!).


My step daughter was here for the weekend and is a rather budding young artist.  She drew a picture of a unicorn so we could play pin the horn on the unicorn.  I always find this game a firm favourite on the children’s party circuit.  If you don’t have a budding artist hanging around, you can always buy ready-made.  Freya’s Nanny, the clever little star, picked up some plain mugs from The Range and the children decorated them with sharpie pens which Tor then baked in the oven to set the ink.  We did a similar thing with glass tea light holders, which the children could then give to their parents (double up as a mother’s day gift).


Tor and I are big fans of Pinterest.  You can get some amazing ideas on there for pretty much everything!  It was her inspiration for much of the food.  The cake was beautiful!  She also made unicorn sausage rolls using sausage meat and twisting puff pastry round to look like unicorn horns.  There was also unicorn poo (jelly beans), unicorn wafer horns (marshmallow filled ice cream cones) and the rudimentary sandwiches and crudities.

Freya really enjoyed the party, as did her little friends.  The unicorn was a big hit and fun was had by all.

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  1. says: sharon stanley

    Unicorns seem more popular than ever. It’s lovely that you still hold such a close freindship with your freind and the fact your children have got close too 🙂

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