Keeping Warm With Protest Sportswear + Discount Code

And just like that summer was over.  We’ve had nothing but rain for the last week so I thought it was the perfect time to share with you some new Protest sportswear we’ve chosen.


About Protest Sportswear

Protest is a dutch brand founded in 1993 by a small group of snowboarders.  A little bit ironic as Holland is very well known for being one of the flattest places in the universe.  In fact, it has exactly five hills and fourteen waves (they counted!).  Protest have designed a fashionable and functional range at an affordable price.

Protest have just launched a new fall/winter collection that is so on-trend, you’re going to want to snap it all up!

Women’s Trends

women's ski jacket from Protest

The women’s ski jacket pictured above is called the GABY.  Bringing some dusty pink to your outfit, the wonderful GABY is an anorak-style jacket with a front pouch and quilting for extra warmth.  The clothing is very well thought out with attention to details.  This one is my personal favourite.  I love the dusty pink colour.  It goes so well with the leopard print.  Other items they’ve added include bold neon colours, stripes and plaid.  There’s definitely something for every taste.  I’m not usually a fan of leopard print but the women’s ski trousers go so well with the jacket!


Men’s Trends

Again, there are some amazing pieces in the men’s range.  I choose this men’s fleece because it’s so cosy and warm and looks great!

ski wear fleece

MrLovely says the important things to him with a men’s fleece is pockets, a lot of fleeces have very shallow pockets, the ones on this fleece were lovely and deep and they zip up.  The other important thing for any fleece is collar height, even though this fleece incorporates a hood, the front of the collar covers the entire front of your neck so it stops the wind getting inside.  Lastly, it’s great to wear a fleece that has plenty of length to the body.  All too often the fleece rides up your back but this was not the case with this one.  It’s definitely a winner for us (I’ve been wearing it too because there’s nothing more comfortable than men’s fleeces!  Whilst it’s super cosy, it would easily fit under one of the Protest Clothing ski jackets.  This fleece would look great with the ZUCCA 20 ski and snowboard trousers. These trousers are part of the PVRE series of superior mountain clothing. With 20K water resistance and 20g breathability, these trousers can handle a lot of action.


Other Items

Protest t-shirt

Lissy chose one of the women’s t-shirts and it’s a really good quality t-shirt.

Lissy wearing Protest sportswear

We also choose hats because who doesn’t love a beanie?  The sweatshirt that Lissy is wearing in the photo above is actually from the men’s collection but it looks great on her.

My experience with Protest has been great.  My order carried really quickly and the quality if fantastic.  I’ll definitely be a returning customer!


Discount Code

The 10% coupon for you lovely people is: lifeoflovely10. This coupon is valid until February 28, 2021. There are no further restrictions on the use of this coupon.

You can check out my other lifestyle posts here.  Thanks for reading.

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