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march favourites

I know it’s late but here are my march favourites.

THE MIDNIGHT GANG (by David Walliams)

The Midnight Gang is an adventurous story and fun to read. There 5 children who are in a hospital and 4 of then sneak out at midnight to make their dreams come true. I really recommend this book.  You can buy it from Amazon here.

midnight gang book


During the nights I can’t sleep so I read on the kindle. I read a lot of David Walliams books e.g Billionaire Boy, Awful Aunty and Diamond Dentist. My mum prefers her Kindle Paperwhite.  I prefer the Kindle Fire HD. You can read a wide range of books. In addition, you can put social media, books, and games!



botanicals oil alifeoflovely

Recently, I have been terrible at sleeping, so I have been using this to sleep. It’s become a part of my nightly routine to have it massaged into my shoulders. The smell of it makes me feel calm and relaxed.  You can buy this oil from the Botanicals website.

deep peace oil


A cool TV show starring twins who are completely opposite. Liv is a star and Maddie is a basketball player. I really like it because it’s entertaining.

liv and maddie

Thank you for reading. See you again soon,

A Little Life Of Lovely

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3 replies on “LissyLu’s March Favorites ~ A Little Life Of Lovely”
  1. says: Anne

    Hello Lissy Lu,
    I wondered if The Midnight Gang would be good to read for your age group, so thanks for reviewing it, Walliams is very funny!
    I love reading too, but find that the brightly lit backgrounds on laptops, phones, tablets etc, which are known to prolong awakeness, do exactly that to me, plus I prefer the whole real book thing. I often fall asleep whilst I’m reading a book, if I am due to sleep.
    So, here’s to happy reading of all types of literature, and lots of peaceful, chilled, scented sleeping!

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