LoveLula Subscription Box – The March Edition

The March LoveLula box was excellent!  I know I say this almost every month but I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve seen the contents below.  The value of this month’s box comes in at £43.  The cost of the beauty box starts from just £13.95.  You can buy your own one here.


The Contents

LoveLula March box


Laidbare – Guess My Age

Laidbare - Guess My Age

An anti-wrinkle cream.  I’m almost 40 so this is a must-have product for my skin.  Laidbare is a really popular brand (their spot treatment is the best!) that sell a range of skincare products at really affordable prices.  This moisturiser retails at just £9.99.  The cream itself is a lovely light consistency, perfect for daytime wear.  I’ve been wearing it during the day under my makeup.  The smell isn’t my favourite, but thankfully, that doesn’t stay with you throughout the day.  This product is available here.


Elsa’s – Natural Deodorant

Elsa's Organic Skinfoods, Ocean Deodorant

I absolutely love Elsa’s deodorants.  I’ve been using them since before they were even launched.  They smell fantastic, they’re really effective and the ingredients are spot on.  I’ve recently got MrLovely to transition over to a natural deodorant.  A lovely thing about Ocean is that the smell is gender neutral.  I find tea tree one of the most effective essential oils for fighting the bacteria that causes the smell of body odour.  You can purchase a deodorant from Elsa’s range here.


Sukin – Shampoo & Conditioner

Sukin shampoo and conditioner

Sukin is a brand I really like.  I’ve written about their products quite a few times before.  Their ethos is, “Beauty that doesn’t cost the Earth”.  Their products are great value and the ingredients are good.  Both of these hair care products had what I describe as the Sukin smell.  It’s lovely, not a scent I can put my finger on but it’s one that I think is synonymous with the Sukin range.  I’ve tried both of these products.  The shampoo was a very thick consistency – not my favourite, I had to use quite a large amount to clean my hair.  The conditioner was lovely.  My hair was left feeling soft and tangle-free.  I’ll be using both products again.  You can find the Sukin products here.


Glossworks Nail Polish – Come Clay With Me

Glossworks Nail Polish

Yes!  A nail polish!!  This nail polish is a gorgeous colour.  I applied this the day it arrived.  I’ve used this brand before.  I’ve found Glossworks nail polishes last really well but they’re pretty gloopy to put on.  This brush inside it is quite small, which is a bit annoying.  I will definitely be using this again, many, many times.  Good work, LoveLula!  You can see the Glossworks range here.


FOM London Skincare – Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment

FOM London Skincare Hydra Bright Night Complex Treatment

This was my very favourite thing in this month’s box.  I’ve never tried a product by FOM London Skincare before.  This is bea-u-ti-ful!  A nighttime product is probably my favourite part of my skincare routine.  This serum smells absolutely gorgeous.  The Hydra Bright Night Treatment Complex is an anti-pollution brightening & hydrating serum.  I love the dropper applicator method and I adore the way it feels on my skin.  I think it’s really expensive at £79 for 50ml (- but let us bear in mind I’m happy to pay £40 for a small massage candle, so my judgement might be a little awry!) but I bet 50 ml would last months.  I’m really enjoying this product and I definitely will be continuing to use it.  You can find this product here.


I’ve absolutely loved using all the products from this month’s box.  You can check out our unboxing YouTube video here.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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