Make Up Brushes from Kit Stars

Make Up Brushes from Kit Stars

When I was given the chance to review Kit Stars makeup brushes, I jumped at the chance.  Makeup brushes are really important in terms of the overall look of your makeup and blending products and not just the application.


The Packaging

kit stars brushes

The brushes arrived in a box, nestled between layers of black tissue paper.  Each brush came carefully packaged inside its own box.  The boxes are very sleek and stylish.  It all had a very luxurious and special feel to it.


Washing The Brushes

It says on the box, you have to wash them before use and you couldn’t not because they smelt strange, maybe like glue?  I found this a bit of a nuisance because I was excited to try them and washing them and waiting for them to dry takes around 24 hours.  Still, I went ahead and washed them.  As they’re natural bristles (and because I don’t actually own anything toxic in terms of shampoo or wash) I washed them with a bar of castile soap.

The Brushes

I was sent a selection of ten brushes.  These are N1 Powder, N2 Shaping Veil, N3 Blush, S4 Base Polisher.

makeup brushes

N30 Small Tapered Brush, N31 Tapered Blender, N32 Shader, N33 Micro Pencil, S40 Easy Lip and S41 Short Angle.

makeup brushes

Kit Stars do a synthetic variety that is vegan kind or a natural bristle brush (made from goats hair).  I chose mostly the natural bristles because they’re biodegradable.  You can tell which is which by the letter preceding the number.  The S is for synthetic and the N is natural.

The brushes feel wonderful against my skin, they’re so soft.  As they’re so soft, it makes blending with them a dream.  When applying eyeshadow or contour, for example, these brushes make it really easy to combine colours and blend them out.

Would I Recommend Them?

These brushes get a resounding yes from me.  They’re the envy of my tween and teen daughters too.  They have a lovely high end feel and look super sleek in my brush pot.  They’ve become the first brushes I reach for when I’m doing my makeup and I’m delighted to have them as part of my essential makeup kit.  They’re a really great price which makes them a great option for everyone.  As they have a natural and vegan option, you can select which ones you want in accordance with your concerns.

Thank you so much to Kit Stars for my wonderful brushes.  If you want to purchase some of your own, you can visit their website here.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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