Making Your Home A Mental Health Haven

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should be a fortress of calm and tranquillity. A place where you can retreat from the slings and arrows of work, your career and the petty politics of the office. It’s your own, special private place where you can relax, be at peace and feel well and truly, well, at home. Yet, some of us find that even when we are within the safety of our own four walls we are still plagued by feelings of anxiety, sadness, worry and depression. If you feel that your home no longer represents the oasis of mental health that it once did, here are some tips to revivify the place. With just a little time, effort and attention in the right places, your home can once again become a palace of positivity and a factory for good feelings!

Clutter Gotta Go!

As the years go by we all tend to accrue possessions. Yet, in an era where we treat shopping as a leisure activity, it can seem as though the possessions pile up at such a rate that they soon stop being treasured belongings and become clutter. They burst out of the draws and cupboards in which they are confined and start to encroach upon your living space. Before you know it, you’re surrounded by stuff that you’re never quite sure you needed (or even wanted) in the first place.

Clutter may seem innocuous enough but it can have a serious impact on your mental wellbeing. It can be visually distracting, prevent you from being able to relax and add a chaotic element to your home’s aesthetic. Put what you no longer want and need on eBay or better yet give it to charity.

Let There Be (Natural) Light

natural light

It’s much harder to be positive under synthetic light. Throw open the curtains, tie them back, roll up the blinds and let the natural light in. What better time than now, when the days are getting longer, to benefit from the mood-boosting rays of the sun?

Simplify Your Aesthetic

We certainly wouldn’t want your home to lose its idiosyncratic sense of character, but simplifying the aesthetic of your living space can make it seem a little more unified and pleasing to the eye as well as calming to the mind. Use throws, blankets, cushions and restaurant quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth to simplify and unify your home’s aesthetic. You may be surprised by the sense of harmony that it brings.

Plan(t) Of Action

house plants

If you live alone but your tenancy agreement won’t allow a pet, you may be surprised to learn that houseplants make for excellent company. In fact, there isn’t a home on the planet that couldn’t benefit from the healing powers of houseplants. They oxygenate your living space and lend it a sense of natural tranquillity. If you’re worried about looking after them, here are some gorgeous but practically zero maintenance house plants.

Smells Like Tranquillity

Finally, keeping a calm and tranquil home isn’t limited to the purely visual. Never underestimate the calming effect that scent has when you walk through your front door. Rather than using potentially harmful chemical based sprays, simply use some essential oil diffusers along with oils like chamomile, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine and of course lavender for a home that smells like tranquillity.

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