Six Ways To Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice

Six Ways To Quiet Your Negative Inner Voice

In recent years, mental health has had a spotlight shined over it. We know more now about disorders of the mind that affect our everyday lives than we ever have done before. We listen, we pay attention, we work on noticing when those around us are struggling. The spotlight on anxiety and depression can make us feel heard and like there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but a big part of finding that light is in listening to our brains and what we need from the world around us. Most of us have an inner voice, but we also have an inner critic. This is the voice that tells us that what we are doing is wrong or bad, and it sucks – plain and simple.

Our inner critic often has the voice of someone we look up to or admire. That voice is the one that puts a downer on the good things we do. When we paint a gorgeous picture and release some of the inner creativity that we have, the inner critic will tear it apart. When we try on new clothes in a smaller size, the inner critic will remind you of the weight you are, and you’re still not good enough. The inner critic will tell you that investing in yourself – emotionally and financially – is not worth it. Isn’t the inner critic a nasty piece of work?

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What we need is to be more positive and to quiet that inner critic so that you hear more positivity than you are negativity. We need the voice to stroke our ego and make us feel good about ourselves so that we can feel happy and balanced. There’s nothing worse than self-doubt, negativity, and feeling like life is just too stressful to cope with. So, the best thing that we can do is shut that voice down once and for all. Below, we’ve put together six ways that you can quiet your inner voice and feel better about life ahead. Calling out the inner critic? It’s not easy, but it can be done!

Keep A Diary Of Achievements

If you’re the sort of person that needs to be reminded of the things that you’re doing right, it’s time to keep a diary. You can use it to write down all the things that you are doing well in your life. Then, in those moments that the critic dares to pipe up and tell you that you’re not good enough, you can re-read those entries and laugh at the voice trying to tear you down. Your achievements deserve recognition and remembrance, and writing them down can make a big difference in your life.

Bring In Some Light

Stress is often difficult to manage, and it comes in so many ways. Some people find buying a home stressful even though it’s a considerable achievement. Others find nailing secured homeowner loans to afford a new extension stressful, even though an extension is a positive step forward. Stress doesn’t have to rule your life, and it’s all in how you manage that stress that will change your inner voice. Bring in some light by writing down what is stressing you out and writing down some solutions to those issues. Once you have plans to minimise your stress, your mental health will be far more secure.

Self Care

A bubble bath is such a simple necessity, right? Getting clean, hygiene and all that. But did you know that sinking into a bubble bath is so much more than a way to get clean? It’s a way to relax, indulge and feel better about yourself – and it’s just one of a hundred ways that you can give yourself a little bit of love. Mental health is so important, and you can help yourself by putting yourself first. No, this is not selfish; it’s how you can feel good, secure and happy. Caring for yourself is vital and putting yourself first is how to realise that you do matter.

Give Your Inner Voice A Name

We all argue with the inner voice. The critic that says we’re rubbish and no good. Some of us do it out loud. Some of us tell the voice that the new roof is a necessity in the same way that the new recliner sofa is – even when it’s telling us that money is tight right now. Giving your inner voice a name gives you a way to humanise your behaviour, which can take away the power of the voice entirely.

Practice Patience

Your reactions have a direct impact on your mental health. When you’re trying to quiet that negative voice, you need to practice patience rather than use impulsivity. So, when you have that voice telling you that you’re no good, don’t react with abandon or hit the roof at yourself. Simply take a breath, step back, and explore where that voice is coming from. Is it telling you that you are making bad decisions and you won’t achieve your goals? Write down your goal and write the pros and cons, then you can see how your inner critic is wrong. All it would take is a little patience to see it – without all the panic!

Ask Yourself A Question

When that voices pipes up, ask yourself this: Would you say this to a child? So, when the voice says not to do something because you’re stupid…or rubbish…or boring… ask whether you would say this to a child. If the answer is no, why would you say it to yourself? This alone could be enough to quiet that critic.

Whatever you want to do with your life, make it count. Don’t listen to the voice telling you that you’re getting it wrong, embrace your strengths and play to those and your positivity. Your mental health will thank you later if you are chasing less stress in your life – and that inner critic? It’s time to cut the vocal cords!

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