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boxie review

Last week I received my subscription box, Boxie.


My Review

I love having post (especially parcels!)  so when I saw this huge brown box addressed to me, caution tapeI quickly grabbed it from the postman and screamed, “it’s my box!” in his face… Big improvement because when I was younger I was petrified of the postman. You know those “Richard Hammond’s Science Kit” boxes that everyone used to love? Or was it just me being a little nerd? Anyway, inside my science kit was a “CAUTION” tape for when you’re doing the experiments in it. As I was so scared of the postman, I decided that it would be a good idea to put the tape across my open door so he couldn’t put the post through or knock. My dog then got the post he left on the floor outside of my door in the corridor of the flats. Back to the review…

Talk about suspense, it was taped up like they were hiding a bomb! I was so excited for it to have finally come! Upon opening the first box (which had the subscription box inside) I was bombarded by foam nuggets, well that’s what I call them.

chicken nugget

When I finally opened up the box I was surprised to find a sweet, personalised letter from my step mum in the box (lush handwriting!!).

Boxie contents

(One of the bands are missing because my Step Mum pinched one!).


I liked everything in the box, there was a great selection.

My favourite items were as follows:

lip scrub

Raspberry Lip Scrub by Pura – This is my most favourite item in the box. It comes in a glass jar (sustainable, yes!) and I suffer from dry skin on my lips and this helps a lot.brow pencil

Brow Pencil by MeNow – This is the exact shade I would choose if I was buying one. It’s a really good pencil that enhances your brows without them looking too bold and stays on all day.

Bracelet/Anklet – I put this on as soon as I opened it and I haven’t taken it off since. I love it!


Hair Ties by Boxie – Another favourite that I’ve been wearing since I opened them. I normally wear the skinny hair elastics around my wrist and get told off for it. These are really wide and comfortable and could easily double as a bracelet as well as hair ties so I always keep two of them on me.

Would I Recommend This Box?

Yes!!!! I’m hoping to be able to save my wages from working at the farm for long enough to be able to buy the box again next month. I really enjoyed receiving the box and I love the items in there. I think it’s really good value for money and allows you to try products and brands that you wouldn’t necessarily have bought.

There’s also a youtube video of my unboxing this video. You can watch it here:

Thank you for reading.

Sophie B

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