My January Favourites – 2018

My January Favourites

A new year and a new month of sharing with you my latest, and sometimes ongoing, favourite things.  I love reading about peoples favourites, it’s one of my favourite kinds of posts to read.  Here are mine.



Try Veganuary this January

I have been really enjoying taking part in Veganuary.  Honestly, I think I’m going to carry on not eating meat or animal produce.  I don’t think it’s especially barbaric – I know some practices aren’t to my liking, but we reared a lot of our own meat, so I know how beautifully that was kept.  My reasoning is more to do with the environmental impact of eating meat.  I’ll write more about this in a dedicated post.  This seamlessly leads me to my next couple of favourites.



falafels in pitta bread - vegan meal

I have discovered that falafels are the most delicious things.  Who knew that blended chickpeas could be so tasty?  My best friend told me she hates falafels because she hates chickpeas.  She tasted these and now can’t get enough of them.  Falafels in pittas are my favourite things to have for lunch or dinner at the moment.  I’ll share the recipe with you in a dedicated post.

Fabulous Freefrom Factory Dairy Free Sea-Salted Chocolate Fudge Bites

Fabulous FreeFrom Factory Dairy Free Sea-Salted Covered Fudge Bites.  These are some of the most delicious treats I’ve ever eaten.  Who said following the vegan diet would be all plants and salad?  I bought mine from The Vegan Kind.  I’d like to buy more but I feel I wouldn’t be able to resist binge eating them all.  Salty, chocolatey, flavoursome, ever so slightly chewy little morsels.



I bought the new Jane Iredale Contour Kit when it came out on the 15th.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  The bronzer and the blush are really pigmented and they blend so well.  I do find the highlighter doesn’t show up very well on my skin though.  Really happy with the palette overall.  It’s a favourite (obviously, hence it being here).

Jane Iredale contour kit review - green beauty - vegan makeup

vegan, cruelty free makeup

Vegocentric Vegan Lipstick

Lippy Girl, vegan lipstick

Now, I say this is my favourite, it’s really no secret that every single lipstick I get also gets used by my daughter’s.  We have this lipstick in shade Snog Me.  It’s a beautiful matte shade of red.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen this is the lipstick I used for my #SmearForSmear photo.  It stays on really well so I had to have two takes of getting my boomerang shot.

Snog Me is a matte poppy red shade. This premium line of amazing lipsticks are made with organic and wildcrafted, natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments.  100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free!

It’s available from Botanical Brands and the award-winning range has some gorgeous colours.


Isabel Losada - SensationBooks

When I was in my early 20s, I read a book called From Tibet, With Love and I got so much from it.  I feel like it changed my outlook and really opened my eyes.  I was so incensed that a country can just steal another country.  It’s barbaric and so sad.  I wrote to the Chinese Prime Minister about my discontent on their behaviour.  Didn’t ever get a response, mind you…

I recently was sent a copy of Isobel Losada’s new book called Sensation.  Having really got into it, I’ve since bought a digital copy for my kindle.  I’m currently just over halfway through it and I’m completely fascinated with it.  I’m also seriously questioning the G-Spot now.  I had no idea people were so inhibited with sex.

I love the way Isabel shares her journey and her openness.  The book makes me laugh out loud in parts.  I’m also very impressed with the lengths she and T went to in the name of research for the book.  I’m very open-minded in the bedroom and don’t suffer shyness, however, I’m not sure I’d be able to OM with a stranger in an area in front of an arena other people.  Isabel, I salute you!  I look forward to continuing the book.  You can get in on the journey by purchasing the book here.  I’d recommend it, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up – you might get some tips!

The Keeper Of Lost Things


The Keeper Of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan


I’m also reading this book.  It makes me feel like snuggling up under a cosy blanket whilst it’s cold outside, with a hot drink in front of me.  That might sound like a daft way to describe a book, but it’s how it makes me feel.

The main character, Laura, has had a pretty rough time of it.  She adores her job working for Anthony Peardew.  Their relationship is so pure and I am enjoying the way the story is unfolding.  It really is a pleasure of a read.  The characters are charming and the book manages to be funny, sentimental and heartwarming all at once.  I look forward to continuing it.


TV & Film

The Blacklist

The Blacklist – Series 5

The Blacklist is amazing.

Feeling surprisingly unencumbered, Raymond Reddington (James Spader) is back, and in the process of rebuilding his criminal empire. His lust for life is ever-present as he lays the foundation for this new enterprise – one that he’ll design with Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) by his side. Living with the reality that Red is her father, Liz finds herself torn between her role as an FBI agent and the temptation to act on her more criminal instincts. In a world where the search for Blacklisters has become a family trade, Red will undoubtedly reclaim his moniker as the “Concierge of Crime.”

It’s fast-paced, exciting and action-packed.  Elizabeth Keen is an FBI agent trying to rid the World of horrible people and her intelligence is usually fed to her FBI team from Raymond Reddington, an international criminal mastermind that you can’t help but love and root for.  We’ve also started watching the spin-off to this called The Blacklist Redemption and it’s good, but not half as good as the original.


handmade wooden bowl

I know Christmas was over a month ago now, but I want to share with you one of my favourite Christmas presents.  My mum made me this bowl from a lump of wood with just hand tools.  I love it.  It took her hours and hours and I appreciate every little gouge with the wood tools in order my make this for me.  It was packaged so thoughtfully too with eco-friendly packaging and with a fabric bow.  Beautiful.  (Thanks, Mummy-kins – I love the bowl and I love you even more xx).  I received lots of other presents that I’m thankful for and that I love but I wanted to share this one with you.  There’s nothing as precious as the time and effort a person spends on you.


This concludes my monthly loves for January.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Natalie

    ooh Yay to the Veganuary! I’m vegetarian and have slowly started to cut all animal products out too. I’m nearly dairy free but the hard part is eggs! I totally understand where you are coming from re the environmental effects though.
    I really want to try Jane Iredale, I keep seeing it pop up every now and again.

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