Making Sustainable Choices in 2021 & Opting Used Cars

Buying A Car

If you are looking to buy a used car, then you need to take a few things into account considering today’s tough economic times. A global pandemic has hit us severely and we are all struggling to make our lives better and hoping that 2021 will bring us a happier world. For this, the decision of making some conscious choices rests upon us as well.


Going Green

Going green, going eco-friendly are the terms that need to prevail over our future decisions. Now going green just doesn’t mean that you switch to an electric car or a hybrid. Of course, when it comes to measuring a car’s sustainability the most basic metric is to measure its carbon dioxide emission. The lesser the emission, the lesser the damage is to this environment. But did you know, that a Toyota study conducted in 2004 found out that about 28% of the carbon emission from a gasoline-powered car occurs during its production and transportation to the dealer? Yes, an alarming 28%. So, while you think that switching to a greener vehicle is your best option, it is not. The CO2 emission resulting from manufacturing a new hybrid or electric car that has double cylinders is even more than what a gasoline-powered car emits. The right choice here will be to go for a used car. Re-using a car will not only help conserve the finite natural resources for our future generations but also be beneficial in the reduction of C02 emission that takes place while manufacturing a new car.

used nissan car

Moreover, the economic crunch that we are all going through calls for a more savings oriented approach in life. Buying second hand will give one the option of driving a much better model and make within the same budget. Also, there will be lesser sales tax and much less depreciation, as the price will be lower. The only tip here is to not buy from an individual seller, as there are higher risks of getting scammed by them. Go for a credible used car dealership. If you live in or around Folkestone or Brighton then KAP Motors is where you should be heading. They offer pre-inspected used cars with 100% guarantee. They not only share the complete history of a car but also offer easy payment options. You can book a Nissan used car for a free test-drive now from KAP Motors. For details, you can call on 01303 228200.

At the end of the day, whatever choice you make regarding your used car purchase, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons and then make the decision. For more tips on looking after the planet, these posts might help you.

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