My Summer Favourites 2023

I keep meaning to share with you my monthly favourites but time slips away whilst I’ve been having fun so instead, I thought I’d write a summer favourites 2023 and share with you the things I’ve loved about this summer.  It’s been yet another good one for me, but also a bit strange.  My son got his GCSE results today.  I no longer have school-age children!  Also, my daughter starts her new apprenticeship in a couple of weeks.


They’re really growing up!  I want to hang on to these days for just a little while longer.  I am lucky to have three rather wonderful grandchildren from the older children.  They’ll keep me young, right?  Anyway, I digress.  Here are my favourites.


Playing With The Grandchildren

I have one of my grandchildren for two days during the week and one of my favourite things for us to do is go for a walk and explore what’s changing throughout the seasons.  We look at the different flowers and insects and are just generally nosey neighbours.  I love how curious he is and holding his tiny hand.  It fills up my heart cup.

holding hands with a toddler

During July, we went strawberry picking.  It was A’s first time and I think he ate more than we bought – oops.  We couldn’t keep his little hands from grabbing the fresh, sweet berries and biting into them.  I think his favourite was the raspberries because I bought some and by the time we walked back to the car, they were all eaten.

strawberry picking

B has discovered his ultimate favourite toys!  It’s the Geomag Magicube magnetic blocks.  He spends so long just clicking the little blocks together and making little shapes.  They’re perfect for toddlers are preschoolers.  They make them really use their minds and creativity.

geomag blocks review

Another favourite toy with EVERYONE is the Connetix tiles.  They are building tiles designed to inspire young minds and encourage open-ended play.  My 17-year-old daughter loves these just as much as my 13-year-old nephew and my two-year-old grandsons.  It’s great to watch them and see what they can build.  We took these on holiday and they kept everyone entertained.

Connetix review

Another couple of games worth mentioning are the On The Go Bug Chase game, which my son and daughter-in-law get very involved in!

On The Go Bug Chase game review

Also, the Animal Mix Up Wooden Puzzle (which we took to a recent meal out to keep the toddler entertained.

Animal Mix Up Wooden Puzzle review

Lastly, another game that we’ve enjoyed in another Geomag game, but this one is aimed at slightly older children, is the Geomag Supercolor Eco Recycled 42-piece magnetic building set.  It’s lovely watching my son and his son playing together and building something creative.  It’s another thing that fills my heart with joy.

Geomag Supercolour Eco Recycled 42 Piece Magnetic Building Set review



We’ve had a couple of little getaways during the summer.  We went to Cornwall on a massive family break for four nights.  There were about 20 of us, with my parents and my siblings and their families.  We also went camping with friends some of whom we hadn’t seen before covid.  We went to Greenacres in north Somerset, near Glastonbury.  It’s such a lovely little site and we saw GLOWWORMS!!  I’ve never seen them in this country before.

glow worms in Somerset

Whilst we were away, we went clay pigeon shooting, which I’ve never done before because I actually don’t like guns.  It was definitely interesting.  I shot a few clays, but I mostly just enjoyed being with everyone else.

Mendip shooting ground

Whilst we were away camping, we went to Wells and by the cathedral, you can feed the birds.  They sell birdseed in the little gift shop.  I loved this so much!  I might become one of those old women who walk around with birdseed in their pockets in case they come across a flock of pigeons.

feeding pigeons


Summer Evenings

I adore summer evenings.  The light is there until late and there’s more time to have fun.  I’ve been spending time going out on my moped (which it turns out is actually classed as a scooter), pootling about with my son.  Visiting family has been a big part of my evenings.  Also, summer drinks.  I’ve discovered a delicious new brand called PiQi Water Kefir.  I’m not a huge drinker and tend to choose a non-alcoholic drink whilst others are drinking.  I’ve never tried a kefir before and I’m definitely a convert.

PiQi water kefir

I love late evenings at the beach too.

Charmouth beach

Whilst I do love summers and mine has been a lovely one, I also love autumn so I look forward to that too.  See you soon.

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