“Old-fashioned” Interior Ideas You Can Modernise

"Old-fashioned" Interior Ideas You Can Modernise

What do you think of when you consider interior styles that you think are out of date? Just like in fashion, what’s popular comes and goes in interior design, so nothing stays trendy forever. However, there are so many good ideas that get thrown out completely, when they could be updated for a more modern home instead. It’s perfectly possible to update some of the more old-fashioned interior ideas and turn them into something contemporary. It’s a great way to mix old and new in any home. If you want to bring your home up to date but still make use of some tried and tested ideas, take a look at these for inspiration.

Blue and White Patterns

The blue and white patterns of Chinese-inspired vases and crockery have featured in many homes over the years. But now they are often seen as something you’re more likely to find in your grandma’s cabinet containing her plate collection. Blue and white is a classic combination, though, and could make your home look beautiful. You don’t have to overwhelm any rooms with blue and white patterns, especially as the chinoiserie look can have lots of fiddly details. You can choose to add some small accents or perhaps just choose one statement piece that gives you the look you want.

the willow pattern

Velvet Seating and Accessories

Velvet might not be the most practical option for furniture. If you’ve got kids or pets, you might want to stay away from it. But it was all the rage in the 1920s and it’s made something of a comeback today. You’ll find a range of beautiful colours, from emerald green and dusky pink to mustard yellow. One option you could consider is reupholstering an old sofa or chair if you don’t want to invest in buying something new. If you are thinking about the velvet look, it’s best not to go overboard. It can lend a sumptuous look to your room, but sometimes all you need is a single chair, an ottoman or even a few scatter cushions.


A chandelier might not necessarily be seen as old-fashioned, but rather as a bit too upmarket. A huge, fancy chandelier could look completely out of place in your home. It’s a good idea to remember that chandeliers can come in different styles, though. You might be imagining an expensive crystal chandelier that you might find in an English stately home. However, you can find various styles that might fit into your vision of your home’s interior design. For example, how about a sputnik chandelier, which gives your home a midcentury modern look and could make it right on trend. Chandeliers can be large or small, and there are plenty of more contemporary designs to choose from.


A fireplace is a fantastic way to heat a room and even a whole home. When it’s not in use, it looks great too. But if you think that an open fireplace might look out of place in your home, you might want to consider the option of a wood heater. They can lend a great contemporary or even futuristic look to your home. You can find that they’re more efficient than a fireplace too, helping to heat more of your home. If you find wood heaters here, you can see what sort of thing is available. You can discover a range of sizes and styles. As well as efficiently heating your home, they look amazing, especially when you have a fire going.

rattan furniture

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture might make you think of the ’70s, or perhaps further back. While some people might not think of the 1970s as the best time where interior design is concerned, there are certain elements that are making a comeback and being modernized. Rattan can look beautiful, particularly if it’s authentic rattan. If you want to create a beach or coastal look or maybe you’re thinking of ways to makeover your porch, it gives you a good option. You can add to a basic rattan chair or bench with some comfortable cushions or maybe a luxurious throw to update it.

Laundry Chutes and Dumb Waiters

Some changes that you could make to your home are a little more permanent, but could also offer long-term benefits. Things like laundry chutes and dumbwaiters aren’t often found in homes anymore, except perhaps in some newly-built properties where the owners have thought ahead. If you want to make your home more practical, one of these additions could be a great idea. They might seem old-fashioned but, if you think about it, it’s strange that we don’t use them anymore. Perhaps they were more popular in larger homes with servants, but who says we can’t use them today? They make it much easier to move things up and downs stairs, which could be particularly good for anyone with mobility issues.

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a quirky feature to have in any home, but they can also be very useful. Imagine being able to half close your kitchen door, so that you can keep out the kids and any pets, but still watch them. You can pass things over the door, rather than having to open the whole thing. A Dutch door is pretty easy to add to your home, and it could be an interior or exterior door too. If you wanted to make it a bit more modern, you might like to paint it in a bright colour or choose more modern fittings for it.

Metal Bed Frames

If you want to give your bedroom an update, a new bed is one of the most impactful ways to do it. A metal frame can give your bed a great vintage look, but you can easily make it more modern too. If you’re looking for a contemporary metal bed frame, it’s often best to go for something with strong and clean lines. Too many curves and details could make it stray into vintage territory.

Any interior feature that you see as old-fashioned can be brought up to date. Start mixing old and new with some of these ideas. Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

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  • People are very quick to throw things away, it really is the best feeling when you upcycle something. I find it very interesting actually that styles tend to go full circle. The items that you would dismiss 20 years ago are now desirable again.

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