How To Conquer Your Outdoors

How To Conquer Your Outdoors

Now that the sun has finally started to show its shy and warm rays, it’s time to embrace the warm season and prepare your home for the summer. Presumably, you’ve already planned your spring cleaning operation at home, from changing your wintery decor for a bright and fresh interior, without mentioning the necessary in-depth dusting, maintenance checks, and other necessities at the end of winter. But what about your garden? After the cold season, you need to prepare the garden for a vibrant summertime. Here’s a hint for you: it takes more than just mowing the lawn!

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Keep It Clean And Clear

Unless you’ve covered your garden with a fake lawn or with a top stone layer – whether it is gravel or concrete – it’s fair to say that your lawn must be in a terrible state after the winter. Don’t you think it’s too late to take care of it! In fact, as the temperatures have been fluctuation all the way through Mars and April, so far, we’ve only got a couple of days of spring – it was so sensational that it made the national news. So, you’re perfectly in time to give your lawn some much-deserved attention. If you’ve got a full rack of green and juicy grass, weed and mow it. But if your garden isn’t green yet, here are some handy spring tips. Check your soil as the cold winter and the snow earlier in the year are likely to have caused compacting. You need to aerate your lawn and fertilise it to speed up growth.

Make It Welcoming

Ultimately, you want to make the most of your garden when the sun is out. Of course, achieving the greenest and smoothest of all lawns is fantastic, but that doesn’t make your garden inviting. You need to have a look for quality garden range – outdoor furniture to create your perfect lounging area outside the home. As a rule of the thumb, you need to pick UV-protected fabrics and durable materials, as there’s nothing worse than garden furniture that crumbles into bits at the first shower.  

Make It Useful

Think about wildlife. Bees, butterflies, and birds are having a hard time finding food during this season, as most households have chosen easy maintenance gardens with fake lawn and a handful of potted plants. Essentially, it’s a good idea to make sure that your garden is not just there for your outdoor afternoon teas but also to support the local wildlife. By choosing nectar-rich flowers for your garden, you can be sure to attract some of the species of butterflies that are local to the UK. Birds need plants that provide shelter, in comparison.

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Get Your Party Space

Last, but not least, your entertaining area in the garden is what will keep it alive throughout the summer. What should it be? Are you a barbecue person? You can find quality standing BBQs in most DIY shops, or you can even build one yourself. How about an inflatable pool for the hot season? In short, set the stage and get to love your outdoors again.

The snow is gone. The temperatures are rising again. The skirts are coming out. Take the hint and prepare your garden for summer! Please note, this was a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

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