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Remember when

Running a small business, word of mouth can only get you so far. When I was self-employed, word of mouth got me lots of work, and of course, you had newspaper advertising and so on.

Something that every household had was a big yellow book. yes, the yellow pages. Nowadays, the yellow pages can be found on the internet. what does this tell you?


Online Presence

Whether you are a  sole trader or a limited company. Online presence is essential to the growth of your company. No matter what happens in the world, the internet is here to stay, If you want to achieve the very best you can from your business, you need to be seen online.


What IF I Don’t Know How

Ok, not everybody is tech savvy. If I’m honest with you, until a few years ago, I wouldn’t have known what to do! There are companies out there with the sole purpose being to design and build a website for you, how cool is that!

When you are searching the web, you are wanting to find a website that jumps out at you, something that catches your eye, these are responsive websites. Websites like these are normally managed and maintained by tech geniuses.

web design

A Cut Above The Rest

When you have a great looking website, something that leaps out, you will get more interaction. More visits, more clicks. Though to some this might not make sense, its all about the clicks.  The more clicks to your website, the higher you rank in Google. The higher you rank in Google the more people will find you. Confused? Don’t be, but if you are, it is just another reason to get a company to build and maintain a website for you.

web ranking

As an example, imagine this.

You decide you want to start a business, you want to be a chimney sweep. 72 percent of the UK either have central heating or are heated by other means than an open fire or Wood burner. You pop adverts in the paper, you put adverts in the shops but that might give you a reach of maybe 2000 people depending on where you live?

Let’s get a website designed and built, it goes live and immediately, the reach of the company has gone from 2000 to 7 million without leaving the house! See the benefit of an online presence yet? How about a special offer? what better way to advertise that than online? The growth and reach potential from online presence really are uncapped. The only limit is yourself. What are you waiting for? Now you see the importance of online presence, its time to get that website built, its time to make the internet work for you!

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