Which Beard Style Suits Me?

Which Beard Style Suits Me?

When considering appearance, an important feature of a man’s face is their beard. Looking your best helps a man feel good, and as such, many men are curious about which beard style best suits them. Due largely to genetic factors, all men grow their beards out at different rates and in different styles.

It’s crucial to plan ahead when growing a beard, but it’s also crucial to realise that not every beard style will work for you and be willing to change. It can be difficult to choose the best beard styles for you sometimes, but hopefully, this article can make the process easier.

Plan Ahead For Your Beard

You should let your beard develop to determine what styles are available for you before deciding on the beard style you want to accomplish. By observing the volume and texture of the facial hair after just a few weeks, you may predict the type of beard you will be able to develop.

As previously suggested, some men will develop extremely full, dense beards, while others will have beards that are patchier. Probably the most important consideration in selecting which beard styles fit your face best is how thick your beard is growing.

Why Are Face Shapes Important For Beards?

It can be challenging to pick a suitable beard style, especially if you’ve never experimented much before. The first thing you need do is take a close look at your face to determine its exact shape: is it round, square, or triangular? Knowing this, you can decide which of these best beard styles is for you:

Beards for round faces

Beards and goatees that give length and/or definition to the round face are flattering. Both the van dyke beard and the full stiletto beard (with a pointed tip) are suitable possibilities.

Man in a burgundy t-shirt with full beard facing to the left.

Beards for square faces

For a face like this, the full beard, stiletto beard, scruffy beard, and stubble beard all work well. However, avoid being overly chiselled and maintain a rounded or pointed jawline with your beard.

Man with a shaved goatee beard and glasses looking above the camera.

Beards for triangular faces

Closely-cropped styles are a great choice because you want to add as little weight to your jaw as possible in this situation. Maintaining a designer stubble and (optional) moustache will give you more personality.

Man with a short beard looking at the camera.

More To Discover About Beards

Of course, there are even more specific face shapes out there, but here are the general bases covered. Now, you’ve got some of the best beard styles to choose from, and honestly, male grooming is all about experimentation, facial hair or head hair. Trialling out different styles and seeing how it suits you is a good way to go about it. We recommend aiming for some longer styles first and reducing down from there as per your preferences.

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